The Nether (241/365)

*EDIT: It was pointed out to me that I forgot about Magma Cubes. They are basically slimes that are a dark red/almost black. They have a sort of lava core that you can see when they jump. Magma cubes jump higher Slimes but are slower. They have a chance of dropping magma cream, a useful ingredient for Brewing.*

Hello everyone! I survived my first day of classes (it was mainly just going over the syllabus, so it was kind of boring), but I still have homework. Once I am done with this post it will be back to work for me. Here we go.

It occured to Tyler and I a while ago that we had never done an official post about the Nether, and we should have. So, here it is, a post all about the Nether.

*Note: It just occurred to me that yesterday’s post was about a Nether mod. Well, that was not planned out that way. Because of college, Tyler and I have taken some of our free time to making reserve posts ahead of time in case we were ever too busy to write one. So, this is a post that I actually wrote a few days ago and it is actually a precursor to another upcoming survival series. That is all.*

First, you need a portal to the Nether.

There are two different styles of portals. You need at least 10 obsidian to make one. Obsidian, if someone out there doesn’t know, is made when water runs over lava and it can only be mined with a diamond pick.

Then you need to set fire to the inside of the portal, a flint and steel is the easiest method. Then the portal will be activated.

A few things you will need for the adventure are some armor, a pick, sword, food, a bow and arrows. I also recommend a flint and steel. If a Ghast shoots at the portal and turns it off, you may have a hard time turning it back on. A flint and steel is just easier.

You step through the portal and then, Welcome to Hell!

The Nether is lighted by two things: Lava and Glowstone.

There is no day or night in the Nether so don’t worry about sleeping. Seriously, don’t. If you try to sleep in a bed in the Nether it will explode and possibly kill you. Just don’t even try. And don’t be that type of person that does something just because someone told them not to do it. I know there are some of you out there right now, don’t do it.

You will step out of a portal in the Nether, this is your only way back to the Overworld, besides dying that is. But don’t die. I highly recommend writing down the coordinates of this portal.

You will see that the Nether is full of red crap, that is netherrack. Netherrack has one very nice feature about it.

If you light a block of netherrack on fire, it will never burn out.

You can also find gravel in the Nether.

Soul sand. This is the only block that allows nether warts to grow. Another quality about it is that players and mobs slightly sink into it and it will slow your movement.

These are nether brick and Nether fences, and they look pretty nice.

And this is Glowstone, a block that emits a good amount of light. You can use glowstone to make redstone lamps which look nice.

This is a Zombie Pigman. They have a gold sword and make horrible, creepy pig sounds. They are neutral mobs unless you attack them. If you do, and if there are any others around, they will all swarm you. So, get ready for a fight.


This is a Ghast, it shoots fireballs and makes creepy crying sounds. Since it flies around it can be difficult to kill, your best bet is a bow.

What is that mob off in the distance?

Those are Blaze, perhaps the most useful mob in the Nether. They can fly, they are found only in Nether fortresses, they shoot three quick, consecutive fireballs. They drop blaze rods, a crucial item for brewing.

You can kill them easily with a sword, but a bow works too.

One nice thing about the Nether is that red mushrooms are much more plentiful than in the Overworld.

Brown mushrooms seem to be less common.

This is what a Nether fortress looks like on the outside. You can tell from the really tall, dark pillars. It might take a while, but you will know when you find one. They can be quite large.

The other thing that fortresses hold are Nether Wart farms. This is the only place you will find nether warts, and they are also crucial for brewing.

It used to be that nether warts could only be grown in the Nether, but the latest update changed it so that they can grow anywhere.

That is all there is to know about the Nether. Enjoy your stay. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!

P.S.- Stay tuned for the special survival series coming up involving the Nether.


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