Minecraft Tip #29 (242/365)

Hello, today’s tip is brought to you by Mushroom Stew, keeping Steve from going hungry since Indev 0.31. Mushrooms are not only used for decoration, they can also be used as a food source, and quite a good food source. You can farm mushrooms, harvest them from Mooshrooms, and use bone meal on them to turn them into giant mushrooms! This might be a sort of long post because there is a lot to go over with mushrooms so bear with me.

Let’s start off with how you can find mushrooms.

First, there are two types of mushrooms: brown and red, both are needed for stew. Brown is fairly common while red can be a bit harder to find.

They are can be found in swamp and mushroom biomes and The Nether. They will only be found where the light level is 12 or less. And if you can manage to find a mushroom biome, you will find a plethora of mushrooms there. If you find one, write down the coordinates (so you can find your way back) and the seed (because I want to know it, I have never found a mushroom biome).

In a mushroom biome you can get mushrooms either from the giant mushrooms or the mooshrooms, more on them in a minute.

Now onto farming.

Yes, you can actually farm mushrooms. However, it can be a bit annoying. First, you need to find a poorly lit area. A light level of 12 or less is required for them to spread. They can spread on almost any block (of the blocks I have tested the only one that didn’t work is glass).

Hell, you could grow mushrooms on TNT if you really wanted.

However, if you use mycelium and the light level is 5 or less, the rate that the mushrooms spread will be much better.

Here is a mycelium block which looks like a grass block…except it has gray grass, not green.

There are two annoyances. First, the process is slow, very slow. Second, mushrooms will not spread if there are more than 5 mushrooms within a 9x9x3 area of the original mushroom. So, you have to keep an eye on your farm and harvest the mushrooms when there are some. I usually leave two so they spread faster, any more than that and I harvest them.

Two more things to discuss. First, huge mushrooms.

This is a red mushroom, which is hollow if you look under it. I provided some shade for the mushroom to block out the sun.

This is a huge brown mushroom. It has a flat top instead.

Huge mushrooms are the most efficient way to get more mushrooms. Again, you need to place it on a block which has a light level of 12 or less to make one. Also, you can only grow a huge mushroom on dirt, grass, and mycelium blocks. Place a mushroom on one of those blocks and right-click a piece of bone meal on it and it will grow instantly. Note: you need to have at least a 7x7x6 area for the mushroom to grow. Using an axe you can destroy each block of the mushroom which may give you more of that type of mushroom. You can get 2-25 small mushrooms, so you are guaranteed to get more than when you started.

Any axe will do, but diamond is obviously the best.

Finally, Mooshrooms.

Mooshrooms are a cow that is red and white and has red mushrooms growing on its back. If sheared, they will give you 2-5 red mushrooms and will turn into a normal cow.

Aww, you aren’t a mooshroom anymore. You’re just a boring old cow again.

If right-clicked with a bowl, you will get mushroom stew. Other than that, they are exactly the same as cows and you get the same things from them when they die. They only spawn in the mushroom biome and if you find one, do not kill it. As long as you have one bowl, you can have a permanent food source by milking them for mushroom stew.

Well, I guess that wasn’t so long after all. Cool. I believe that is all there is to know about mushrooms, farming, etc.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining. Now go enjoy some tasty mushroom stew.


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