LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 11.5- Hydra Island (243/365)

Hello world! I am going to try to continue my LOST series once again. I just sort of felt like taking a break and then Tyler and I were trying to make some videos. We tried but we had severe audio and echo issues which sadly, can not be avoided. Therefore, in all likelihood there will not be any future co-op LOST videos. I may try to make some solo videos but I won’t make any guarantees.

Onto the post, this chapter is all about Hydra Island. For those that don’t know the show, Jack, Kate, and Saywer were caught by the Others and taken to a facility which is actually on another island very close to the main one. While this chapter is not included in the adventure, I felt it necessary to show off some of the features on this other island. Therefore, there won’t be any tasks for this chapter, just sightseeing and talking about the show. Let’s begin.

This is one of the cages on Hydra Island (by the way, it is referred to as Hydra Island because the Dharma station on the island is called The Hydra) that Kate and Sawyer were locked in.

Sawyer was in the cage with a little puzzle. If he solved it, he got some bear food stuff, a fish biscuit and water. If he didn’t he got shocked. Took him a while to figure it out…but it only took the bears two hours. 🙂

There’s the fish biscuit! Yum!

Kate was in a cage with a part of the ceiling broken. She couldn’t just escape whenever she wanted though since they had cameras watching them.

I believe that these are the showers.

This is the surveillance room.

This is the room that Jack was held in. It is actually an aquarium. Juliet, one of the Others whose mission was to get Jack to trust her, sat on the other side of the room and had some chats with him.

This is the operating room where Jack removed Ben’s tumor.

Here is the viewing room.

This is Room 23. This is where Karl, Alex’s boyfriend, was held and brainwashed.

I might go crazy after seeing that for a while too.

Kate and Sawyer were able to escape their cells and ran through the jungle. But they soon realized that they were on a different island.

Juliet helped them escape and they got a boat and were able to go back to the main island. Jack stayed behind though, believing that the Others would let him leave the island.

There is Hydra Island…farewell!

Back on the main island, good to be home.

Time to take a nap, and then we’ll go rescue Jack.

That is all for today’s chapter. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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