Technic Pack Launcher and A New Series: (244/365)

Hello everyone. Today I am going to tell you just a bit about the technic pack launcher and an upcoming series that I am planning on doing with Riley. First off, about technic.

When first searching about tekkit, technic, technic launcher, or anything of the sort, it can be very confusing. So many big words, so much information to take in, so much to do. The first thing that you will notice is the well-lain, and designed main website. is the main website for everything technic. Here you download the technic launcher which allows you to do a lot. The technic launcher program allows you to launch multiple ‘modpacks’ which alter your Minecraft experience. The launcher is the program which you will play Minecraft with. You will need to provide your username and password because the program downloads another minecraft.jar. You do not have to worry about them being trustworthy, as Mojang openly supports them.

Anyways, when you open it up, you have a choice to make. How do you wish to play Minecraft? Do you wish to play Vanilla? With the Yogbox installed? Voxel Modpack? Technic or Tekkit? You can only  play with one modpack selected at a time, but you can easily switch between modpacks. Now onto the packs.

The Yogbox is a combination of mods organized by the fellows of the yogscast. Mainly visual changes and some content, I recommend this is you have a good computer.

Voxel modpack is some really complex, technical stuff.

Hack/Mine is an adventurous way to play Minecraft with classes, leveling, and magic.

Technic is a huge compilation of mods such as Buildcraft, Industrial Craft, Equivalent Exchange, and more. This basically adds a industrial feel to minecraft, adding even more complicated redstone contraptions.

Tekkit is basically Technic, although you can play this with friends. I really recommend trying Tekkit, as it can provide a new sense of fun for Minecraft. Although it may be complicating at first, pull through and you shall unlock huge potential with  Tekkit.

Now onto the new series. I’ve set up a server, on a spare computer, for Riley and myself to play Tekkit. Jonah may join me, but it is most unlikely as the internet at his college is not the best. Jonah tried to play on the server, and the lag was a bit much for him. Riley and I have already set up a home and a base on this server, and I will talk about Tekkit in some future posts. So, for now, goodnight. Starting Tuesday possibly, I will post part two of my tekkit series.

Happy Mining my friends!



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