Surviving the Nether 2.0- Part 1 (245/365)

Hello everyone! Some of you may be wondering, “Didn’t you do a post on this before?” Yes, I sort of did. A long time ago, I started a ‘Surviving the Nether” series. I had already had a world for a while and I decided to go to the Nether and see how long I could survive. It only lasted two days because I came unprepared. I only brought certain items I thought I would need.

This series, the 2.0 version, is slightly different. I started a brand new world. Here is the kicker, I am giving  myself ONE HOUR in the Overworld to prepare. In this hour, I will collect as many supplies as I possibly can. One hour really isn’t a lot of time, the main thing that people forget is that no matter how many pigs or cows you kill in the Overworld, your food will run out eventually. So, I am spending my time in the Overworld collecting supplies like saplings and mushrooms so I won’t run out of food and building materials.

Of course, there are no minerals in the Nether, so I have to collect as much stuff as I can. Coal isn’t important because I can make charcoal, and diamond takes too much time to find a couple pieces. So, my main focus is iron. It is very common, and is the second best mineral.

That is what this series is going to be about. I am not entirely sure what I will have as a goal once I get to the Nether. I will set up a nice house, some trees, all of that good stuff. But aside from that, I don’t know yet.

The first four parts of this series will document my time in the Overworld, 15 minutes each. After that, I will enter the Nether. I am not going to collect the supplies for the portal, that is the only part where I will cheat.

Now, after that very long introduction, I present to you “Surviving the Nether 2.0 Part 1”

And so it begins. The Overworld, so lush, so beautiful. I cherish this memory since I know that my future living quarters will not be so nice.

This is what awaits me. Endless seas of lava, the horrible cries of Ghasts, snorting of Zombie Pigmen, and everlasting fire. What have I gotten myself into?

Despite the horror that awaits me, I can and will make my home look nice, for the Nether that is. In these 15 minutes I covered the most basic essentials: Food, wood, stone, and some basic tools and armor. I started out being surrounded by cows, which is a good problem to have when looking for food. The steak that I collected will be mainly used for the Overworld. I found some brown mushrooms and I figure that I can easily find some red ones in the Nether. I can use them to get an almost permanent food source.

Next I focused on finding wood. Although, I realized that to be foolish after a while. I shouldn’t be focusing as much on wood, I just need to collect a few saplings, dirt, and bonemeal. I am also going to get as much stone as I can so I have a back-up when I run out of iron.

It is night time now, at the end of my 15 minutes. I accomplished a bit, but I definitely need to spend the last 45 minutes looking for iron.

Here is my current inventory. I actually have 12 coal and 30 steaks but they must be in one of the furnaces. Hopefully, next time I will have plenty of iron.

That is actually it for Part 1. Sorry that there isn’t much to show. I tried making a video but it was a bit too laggy.

In other news, tomorrow we will have our weekly Minecraft news post. Included will be a brief bit of news about our blog and college life. Until tomorrow, thanks for reading and Happy Mining.


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