Minecraft/Mojang/Blog Weekly News 8/27-9/2 (246/365)

Hey world! Jonah and Tyler here with a slight twist on our Weekly News segment. We will still be including Minecraft and Mojang news from this past week, but we will also include a bit of news about the blog.

Let’s start off with some Minecraft/Mojang news.


The Xbox 360 Edition has been hugely popular ever since its arrivial in mid-May, there’s no secret there. It has broken sales records and it has now sold more than 3.6 million copies of the game. In approximately three and a half months, the 360 Edition has sold half as many copies as the PC version. Very impressive. That would bring the number of sales between the PC and Xbox editions to about 11 million, and the number of Pocket Edition sales increases that number even further. It’s rather obvious that Minecraft has become very successful in these last few years.

However, the Xbox edition has reached a new level of success. It has been nominated for Golden Joystick Award‘s “Best Downloadable Game.” Minecraft actually won a Golden Joystick Award last year for “Download Game of the Year.” These awards are voted for by the general public, so go and vote for Minecraft!

If you do want to cast your vote or see the other competitors, here is the link where you can check all that out: http://www.goldenjoystick.com/awards/best-downloadable

Congratulations to Mojang for all of their success with Minecraft so far!


Jeb and Mojang did not release any new snapshots for this week, but Jeb did link a new photo detailing what looks like yet another decoration block.

Now, I don’t know about you, but something seems awesome about mounting all my enemies heads upon my wall. Although, come to think of it, if I were to do all of them I”ll need a bigger wall.

This picture was also released by Jeb and shows that zombies, and quite likely Skeletons, now have the ability to pick up all items from the ground. Don’t drop a diamond sword…or you’re in trouble.

Dinnerbone is working on a way to make it so you can steer pigs when riding on their backs. A carrot on a fishing pole. Sounds interesting. According to his Twitter page, they start slow but could make it up to 5 blocks per second. In case you’re interested, that would mean the pig could potentially travel about 11.2 miles per hour. Sorry, the math nerd within me just came out for a second.

Dinnerbone also released this photo on Twitter. A new way to customize Superflat? That sounds incredibly awesome.

In a recent twitter post from Jeb, he mentioned a (possible?) Halloween Update. For those of you out there who might not remember, the last Halloween Update was in Beta 1.4 in which the Nether, fish, and other items were introduced. Notch had also originally said that the fish would be an entity like cows or so, but they ended up making them an item. Perhaps this time Minecraft will have an actual fish entity? I hope so.


Mojang was at Seattle, Washington yesterday for PAX. Here they had what could be considered a mini-minecon, but with a focus on art. Earlier last week they wanted people to create some neat Minecraft artwork for display on the pax floor. There were some really neat entries, and one particular one caught my eye.

Pretty awesome isn’t it?

As an addition, there was a new adventure update that is playable at pax floor yesterday. I’m not quite sure what that was focusing towards, as it mentioned villages and the pc version already has some. My guess is that this is an update to the Xbox perhaps?


Last bit of news. Notch had promised to shave his beard off, in front of a camera, if QubeTuber’s charity had reached 75,000 dollars. Right now, their fund-raising campaign is a little over 70k, so they just need another 5k. If you like Minecraft, and want to give a sick child the chance to play some games, why not stop by and donate a dollar or two?

So, onto some news about our blog.


You may have noticed that we are doing a lot of new series lately. We are trying to get some consistency with our posts. Start a few new series, have a mod review each Monday, have all the news on Sundays, all of that is an attempt to bring a little structure to this blog. And, besides, who doesn’t like survival series? The trick is making them as unique as possible.


I am going to try to get this series started again. I had a new post last week and hopefully will have another one this week. No promises though, especially with college.


We are getting closer to the end. We have finished August now, and after today we have 119 posts remaining. Now, some people may be wondering if that is the correct number. There are 120 days left in the year. This is a 365 project but it is a 366 year, due to Leap Day. We will have a post on that last day, but it will be less about Minecraft and more of a reflection on the past year with this blog.


As many of you may know, last month Tyler and I celebrated getting an average of 101 views in July. I didn’t think we would beat that in August but we sure did. Our average in August:


Awesome. Thank you everyone for reading our blog.

I do believe that is all the news we have for you today. College has gone well for both of us so far, although, it has become slightly more difficult to play Minecraft. Nevertheless, our 365 will continue. Just 4 more months.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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