Minecraft Tip #30 (247/365)

Hello one and all. Jonah here for another tip. This tip is all about tools. There are 12 tools in Minecraft. We are going to look at all of them, check out their uses, their durability, and their recipe. Are you ready?

We will first look at all of the basic tools; the pick, shovel, hoe, and axe.

First, you can use five different items/minerals to make these tools and they each have different durabilities. Here are the five, with their durability:

Wood- 60 uses
Stone- 132 uses
Iron- 251 uses
Gold- 33 uses
Diamond- 1562 uses

Each of these items will also have a different efficiency. The order is as follows: Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, Gold.

That’s enough of that, let’s look at each individual tool.

The pickaxe will mine stone and brick related blocks as well as ores and (for diamond only) obsidian.

The axe will cut down trees and other wood-related materials.

The shovel can go through dirt, grass, mycelium, snow, sand, gravel, and clay easily.

The hoe plows dirt/grass and turns it into farmland. This will allow you to grow crops.

Next, to the secondary tools.

The fishing rod will allow you to catch fish. It can be used 65 times before breaking.

The flint and steel allows the pyromaniac in you to come out and light everything and anything on fire. It has 65 uses.

A fire charge is similar to flint and steel except it has only one use. This is handiest in dispensers.

Shears can be used to collect leaves.

They can also collect vines, tall grass, ferns, and dead bushes. In addition, it destroys cobwebs easily and gives you string from it. You also destroy wool easier. You can collect wool from Sheep, mushrooms from Mooshrooms, and safely remove tripwire. It has 238 uses.

Next is the clock. It will tell you the time of day by showing you the position of the sun/moon.

The compass points you to your original spawn point.

While moving across the land you can pull your map out and it will keep growing and show more land. This is handy to find your way home.

Finally, the bucket can be used to transport and place water or lava. You can also right-click a cow while holding a bucket to get milk from it. You can drink milk and it will remove all potion/poison effects.

That is all you need to know about tools. I hope you found this tip helpful. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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