Tekkit Day 1.0: (248/365)

Hello everyone, and welcome… to day one of my Tekkit series. This series will probably be more of a tutorial to Tekkit, rather than a playthrough, but nonetheless, I will be writing from my point of view with a fresh new world. To try an simplify what exactly ‘Tekkit’ is, think of it as a new industrial age for Minecraft. With pipes, electricity, mining lasers, jetpacks, quarries and more! Anyways, let’s begin!

So you’ve just started a new world, using the Tekkit add-on. What do you do? The world looks the same as usual, there are still sheep and pigs grazing on the fields, trees spanning to the edge of your vision.

Even for Tekkit, you need to start the world the same as any other world. Time to punch some trees.

You shall fear me!

I recommend gathering about a stack of wood to set up an early shelter for the night. I collected a stack of wood, and headed towards the west. I noticed a huge,black shape looming above me. It was a volcano. Volcanoes spawn naturally in the world now. They are made of basalt, a new materiel included in Tekkit, and usually have  a lava flow coming down from the top.

Anyways, I set up a quick shelter on the plain below the volcano. It’s small for now, but it’ll work.

After that, I went on a mining trip. Now, there are a lot of new minerals included in Tekkit. And I mean it, alot.

We have Tin:






Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds can be made into tools, which have the same strength and durability as Iron. Tin and Copper are used to make bronze, or used for making machines.

Anyways, this is a real quick glance into Tekkit. Perhaps tomorrow, I shall show you a much more in-depth analyzation of the machines of tekkit.

Happy Mining!



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