Instant Lake Block Mod Review (249/365)

Welcome to Mod “Who Knows What Day It’s On Anymore.” Yeah, I don’t know if Tyler and I are just getting old and forgetful, if college is getting to us on the second week already, or what the deal is. Yes, we forgot about Mod Monday a couple days ago. Yes, we forgot about forgetting yesterday, if that makes any sense. So, here I am, doing a mod review on Wednesday. I am curious, however, as to how many mod reviews haven’t been done on Monday since we started it. Too many.

Rather than having to say sorry again and again each time we forget about Mod Monday, I am altering the deal slightly. We will have at least one mod review each week, but they won’t be on a certain day. So, we are doing the same thing as before, sort of.

Also, I feel like I should say that our reference pages will be out of date from time to time. Right now, I think almost all of them need to be updated. I am going to try to update them tonight, but this will likely become more common as we delve further into college life.

Now that we cleared that up, onto today’s mod review.

Three new items are added to Minecraft with this mod. An instant lake block, an instant lava pool block, and a magic bucket.

This is how you create a instant lake block, a diamond in the center surrounded by buckets of water. The recipe for the lava pool block is the same but with buckets of lava. The magic bucket is a bit odd. The recipe is exactly like making a normal bucket, but using diamonds instead of iron. And then, instead of looking like a diamond bucket, it looks like an enchanted iron bucket. Just a little weird.

Let’s say you have a creeper hole or some other kind of hole, you want to fill it up with water to turn it into a lake/pond/whatever. Well, that will take some time, unless you have an instant lake block. Just right-click on the highest level that you want to fill and bam!

Instant lake, hence the name.

Same thing will happen with lava. Mix the two, and you can get some stone/obsidian.

There’s no denying that that looks cool.

The magic bucket is a bit glitchy. It doesn’t always work the way it should. By the way, the bucket will clear out an entire layer of water/lava. It won’t pick it up, it will just remove it.

You can use these blocks on fairly large areas too. Here is a nice pond.

This is even better.

Muah ha ha, mass destruction. I used lava next.

Now, I did not get any pictures of this but it would be fair to say that I went a bit crazy. I started placing lava blocks everywhere and I essentially turned the Overworld into the Nether. In the area of the above picture there was a giant pool of lava. Well, I did something even crazier. I placed a water block above that pool of lava.

Once the water spread it was too late. Minecraft attempted to keep up, it fought hard but it was utterly defeated. When Minecraft tries to change a large pool of lava into obsidian, all at the same time, bad things happen.

Not only did Minecraft crash, but I destroyed the world itself. I made it uninhabitable and could not open it back up. Shame, but I learned my lesson.



I give this mod 4/5 diamonds. It is useful, and it’s fun for griefing/destroying the world purposes. The bucket glitch is a bit annoying, but other than that, I did not find any problems with this mod. I recommend that you try out this mod just for kicks.

Here is the download link:

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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