Jonah’s Survival Island- Days 3/4 (250/365)

Hello everyone! Today is Thursday which means a few things. First of all, there is a new snapshot available for testing today. We will have an in-depth look at the snapshot on Sunday with the rest of the Minecraft news. Secondly, I have an update on my survival island world. It feels like it has been a while since I did anything on here. Well, I haven’t been very motivated to play Minecraft recently, mainly because of college. I started playing a lot last night, though. So fear not, John_Locke_4 is back.  Also, today is our 250th post! Just thought I would mention it. Onto the update.

I have been planning to make a better house for a while now and I am starting that process. It will be a large house. So, for that I need a lot of wood and cobblestone.

I knew that I should make a cobblestone generator and on one of Tyler’s last Superflat Survival posts he showed off a good one. So, I stole the design. It really does work well. Eventually, I will make it more eye-appealing.

I destroyed my house so that I could start fresh.

I cut down a lot of those trees. Probably every single tree that was on that island was cut down. Sadly, that still wasn’t enough.

And here is where I started with my house.

The holes in the house are where I currently plan on placing windows, however, that may change.

Main floor interior. I will have a “kitchen” and some other stuff here in the main room.

Here is the entrance to the mine. I will try to make this look a little better eventually.

This will be my bedroom.

Here is the second floor. This will be used for storage, enchanting, brewing, and other things.

My garden is slowly increasing in size.

I think I may get rid of this. It does look kind of stupid, but it does have a good purpose.

That is all for today’s update. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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