Tekkit Day 2.0: (251/365)

Hello everyone, and welcome back for the second day of Tekkit. Today’s going to be a  much bigger (and hopefully better) post. Last time, I only had enough time to show you guys some of the new ores added by Tekkit, and today, I’ll get a good start on the machines and a few other things of Tekkit.

So, by now, you will have spent a good chunk of time down in the mines, mining everything of value that is in sight, and your inventory is full. Returning home, what do you do now? Well the first thing that you will want to do is plonk it all down in your home base. This base, although it may be temporary, will probably become a headquarters for everything that you will be doing in the future.

Home base.

As soon as you have everything in your chests, I would make an woodcutting axe. After making one, you are going to want to look for this type of tree.


This is a rubber tree. If you notice the orange spot, that is where there is some sticky resin coming out. You can use a tree tapper to retrieve the sticky resin from that little spot.

They are pretty easy to make. Anyways, get some of the sticky resin from the tree by right-clicking the spot. As soon as you have tapped all of the spots on the tree, I would recommend cutting the tree down, and collecting the saplings. This way, you can move your rubber facility much closer to home. Bring as many saplings as you can, because you are going to need some. Rubber is important for almost all of Tekkit. You are going to want to get a farm set up and get some trees growing. If you want to you could always use some bonemeal to speed up the growth.

You are to be the food for my trees.

Since rubber is very important, as I made clear earlier, you are going to want to create an extractor. An extractor, takes a single sticky resin and makes it into three pieces of rubber, and will make one log of rubber tree into a rubber piece. This is much more efficient than using a furnace, as a single piece of resin yields a single piece of rubber. To create an extractor you are going to need an electronic circuit and a machine block. A machine block is pretty simple to make.

Although that looks like normal iron from here, that is actually refined iron. Refined iron is made by smelting iron ingots in a furnace. Think of it as ‘refining’ it.

After you have assembled it like so, you have a machine block. Next up you will need an electronic circuit. Electronic circuits are a bit more difficult to make. First off, you are going to need to make some copper cables.

Copper cables are made with rubber and copper ingots. Copper ingots are smelted versions of copper ore. Now, take these new cables, along with a piece of refined iron and two redstone to create an electronic circuit.

Blamo! You have a circuit. Take your new circuit and a machine block, along with four treetaps to create an extractor.

We finally have our very first machine. This is a big step for us as we can now make even more rubber, and even more machines.

However, there is a slight problem. If you look above, you will see the lightning emblem. That symbolizes that this machine runs on power. Now for power you will need a generator to create some. You can also put redstone in for a pinch, and that will also serve as a power source.

 So, since redstone is in a limited supply, we are going to need a better source of power. For this, we are going to need a generator. For this we will need an iron furnace, three refined iron ingots and a battery. Iron furnaces are pretty easy to make.

An iron furnace.

However the battery is a bit more difficult. To make those, you will need four tin ingots, a copper cable, and two redstone. Tin can be smelted from tin ore. Once you have those ingredients, assemble them like so.

Now you have a battery! Batteries are used for crafting, and for energy storage. If you wished you could store some power on these for when you don’t have any thing to burn for the generator. Anyways, take the iron furnace, and the rest to create a generator.

As you can see here, there are multiple ways to make a generator. I find the first one to be easier. Anyways, plonk it down, with at least a block distance from your extractor. Connect them by right-clicking the distance between them with a copper cable. There is now a cable, connecting the two. Any power generated in the generator, will be moved to the extractor when needed.

Similar to furnaces, generators will burn anything that vanilla one can. The top slot is for charging batteries or anything needing electricity.


The generator will store a bit of EU(Electrical Unit). Eu is the term used for energy in Tekkit. You use this to power machines and tools.

The last machine for today will be the macerator. The macerator is crafted like so.

The macerator,crafted with flint, cobble, machine blocks, and an electronic circuit, is the single most useful machine of all time. This machine,when powered, will grind up ores into two pieces of their respective dust. These dusts can then be smelted into an ingot. So, basically, it’s double the amount of ingots, all at the cost of a little power. Awesome.

Anyways, until tomorrow then. I’ll have yet another tekkit day to share with you guys, in which I go over bat boxes and alternative forms of power. Until tomorrow, Happy Mining!




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