Tekkit Day 3.0: (252/365)

Hello everyone and welcome to Tekkit, day 3. Today, I talk about an alternative source of fuel and some other stuff. Let’s begin!

To start us off with, I added on to the house, making the house much, much bigger.

I really like the house. I used little blocks which you use with a saw to create. More on that another time.

In order to move the machines that I had before, I needed to create a wrench. Wrenches are created with three copper dust and one tin dust arranged in a square. You then smelt that to make bronze ingots. Arrange the bronze ingots like so.

This tool is the only way to safely remove machines, without the risk of them being destroyed. Right-click any machine to destroy it.

Next up, build a batbox. A batbox allows you to store any excess energy from the generator for later use. You need some copper cable, copper, and some wood. Make it like so, and you now have the ability to store energy!

Now you have power storage. While you’re at it, why not make an electric furnace? An electric furnace is a furnace that, believe it or not, runs on electricity.

It requires an iron furnace which is crafted like a furnace, but with iron, a bit of redstone and a circuit. This is one step on the way to ‘tekkiting’ up Minecraft. Now, the next step is to go green. In order to do that most efficiently, we are going to need some solar panels. For that you need some coal dust, which is macerated coal, glass another generator and two circuits. Arrange them like so.

You can now place this, in sight of the sun, and it will generate power. Hook it up to your batbox, so it can store some power. I recommend building at least eight of them.

Here you are. This is what I did today in Tekkit, tomorrow I will be starting to do some magic! And a quarry.

Happy Mining!



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