Surviving the Nether 2.0- Part 2 (254/365)

Hello world. Here is the second installment of my Surviving the Nether series. This time, I go deep within the mines in search of precious loot. If there are any newcomers to this series, I am preparing to go to the Nether and live there until I die. I am allowing myself 1 hour in the Overworld to collect supplies and then I will go to the Nether. In Part 1, I spent 15 minutes gathering basic supplies and I am now in search of iron.

As I stated in the previous post, I am not looking for any coal, redstone, lapis, gold, or even diamonds. I can get charcoal from logs, gold, redstone, and lapis are worthless in the Nether, and diamond takes far too long to only find. If I come across some I won’t hesitate to get it, but I am not going out of my way to find it. I only want iron.

So, here is what happened in these 15 minutes.

I stored most of my supplies in a chest and carried on. I found this mine beneath the water, and that is where I started.

I figured I might as well collect a couple pieces of coal, wouldn’t kill me.

Here is my inventory after the 15 minutes was up. I found a little more than half of a stack of iron. I have plenty of stone, a red mushroom, and some other miscellaneous items.

That is not natural, that is what happens when 3 creepers explode. Since I am playing on Hard difficulty and only have leather armor, I kept a safe distance from them. By the way, if I die in the Overworld, the countdown continues and I start collecting supplies again. So, let’s hope I don’t die with just 1 minute left on the clock.

I use my iPod to keep time. I set an alarm to go off after 15 minutes is up and right when it went off I was about to mine some more iron. I have another 30 minutes to mine it, but it was taunting me in the mean time.

Not bad. I have enough iron to make some armor or have enough tools to last me a while. The only things I have made with it so far are a pick and a sword. I figure I will save it until I absolutely need it.

That is all for today. Only 30 minutes left until the Nether. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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