Tekkit Day 4.0 (256/365)

Hello everyone, and welcome to day four of my tekkit series. Today I will talk a bit about Jetpacks, magic, and some news relating to the blog. First off tekkit!

One of the nicest features of Tekkit, is the ability to fly. You can now create Jetpacks, which will run off of fuel. I recommend using the electric one, as that is the easiest to charge. Anyways, the jetpack is crafted like this.

Pretty easy to make, but it does need an advanced electronic circuit crafted like so

Building a jetpack should be one of your priorities for Tekkit. These are insanely useful, getting you out of a bad fix easily. All you need to do to fly is hold the space bar down. With the electric jetpack, you can only go about 80 levels above ground, but then, do you really need to get higher?

Now onto magic. For this post, I’m just going to be touching on the very basics of Magic. Stuff that you can do in the beginning. Later in this series, I’ll talk about using magic to create dark matter, tools, rings of power, gems, etc. For now, we need to build an energy condenser. Energy condensers are the stepping stone for EE( Equivalent Exchange) that is included in Tekkit. Basically, nearly all vanilla items have a certain ‘EMC’ value which translates to energy mattter conversion. By putting certain items in a condenser, and putting an item you want more of, you can swap or convert the materials. Say this. Dirt and cobble both have an energy conversion of 1, while diamond has a value of about 8 thousand. This means that you would need about 8 thousand dirt! This may seem like a lot, but most things are worth much more. Sugar cane is worth 32, but pumpkin is worth 144. I recommend setting up a pumpkin farm if you wish on using the condenser more. This sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Since you aren’t burning coal, since you have an electric furnace and a solar panel, why not turn it into diamonds. However, before we build one of these, we need an alchemical chest. I recommend making two.

Those dusts up there? Covalence dusts. They are pretty easy to make, but they do require a diamond.



Now that you have an alchemical chest, or two, turn one of them into a condenser.

Now set it down, and unload all that crap you don’t need and make some diamonds!

Now, keep one of the alchemical chests you made. It will be useful later. For best use, you need a “Talisman of Repair.” Normally, you would bring this with you, and this would consume covalence dusts to repair a tool. But, if you put a talisman in an alchemical chests, it will automatically repair any tools that you’ve put in there, for free! Now you no longer need to use multiple diamonds for tools. Just plonk it in before it gets destroyed, and in time, it will be as good as new.


So, in other news, yesterday we reached 204 views, which is not only a record, but our first over 200-views day. Thank you guys for tuning in everyday and reading our blog. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Thank you.


On side news, sometime in the future, I’ll be investing in a much better computer which means more videos. And I will be re-doing the tekkit posts with videos then. Hopefully I have it soon, I just need to save up some money!

Until tomorrow. Happy Mining!







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