Surviving the Nether 2.0- Part 3 (257/365)

Hello and welcome to the third installment of my Nether Survival series. We are half way there. 30 minutes in the Overworld has been spent and I am trying to get as much iron as possible. In these 15 minutes I continued to mine like a crazy person. I’m on a quest to get as much iron as possible.

Of course, when one is mining, one runs into monsters. In this episode I encountered many zombies, skeletons, and the dreaded creepers. I came very close to death a few times. More on that later. Here is what happened in those 15 minutes.

This was my inventory at the end. You can see that I collected a bit more iron this time. But my armor took a real beating. My helmet is gone and my other pieces of armor don’t have much time left.

When I was looking down here once, a zombie came up from behind me and I fell over the edge. Fearing that I was about to fall into the lava, I cursed the zombie. However, I did not die. I went back up to confront the zombie. Only to be shoved back down again. But I don’t take no for an answer. I went back up there and slaughtered him with my sword. Then, for all my troubles, he dropped an iron sword for me. How sweet.

There was a big lava flow here and I wanted to get up there. So, I did some lovely maneuvering and made it up there.

Hey, look at that. I found an emerald. Kinda worthless though.

Here is where I ended, with more iron taunting me.

That is all for today’s installment. Next time, we work under some serious pressure. As I have lost myself in this mine, I must attempt to make it out alive and find my chest with some items I left behind. I must also try to find more iron. I must do all of this, in 15 minutes.

And then, I will enter the Nether, and I will never come back.

Does I make that sound a lot more epic than it really is? Good.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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