Utility Chests Mod Review (258/365)

Hello world! Here is a quick mod review.

Today’s mod is Utility Chests, created by watkins577. This mod adds 5 new chests to Minecraft, each with their own purpose. Here are the 5:

  1. Networked Chest
  2. Tools Chest
  3. Ores Chest
  4. Grabber Chest
  5. Smelter Chest

While you ponder over what each of these chests do, I will begin with the Networked Chest.

This chest is basically an Ender Chest, except you can create an infinite amount of networks. Meaning you can have an Ender Chest A and an Ender Chest B which can contain different items.

When you place one of these chests, this menu will immediately pop up. You can set its name and a password if you so desire. I must say, the password feature is pretty cool.

Here is what I did, just for an example.

Now, I placed another chest over there. I can only access it if I have both the name and the password. If I only have one, I won’t be able to access the original chest’s items.

Since I have both of those things, I can access the chest. Now, if you don’t have a password set, then all you need is the name.

Here is the recipe for the Networked Chest.

Posted Image

Next up is the Tools Chest.

Let’s say you have some sort of tool (not sure if it works with armor and weapons), like a golden pickaxe. They have a high efficiency but they degrade very quickly. Well, if you put any used tool in this chest, it will repair over time.

There it is, fully repaired. Apparently, in a future update this chest will require some sort of fuel to function.

Here is the recipe.

Posted Image

Now, onto the Ores Chest.

This chest is amazing, but requires some work, and it is slightly overpowered. First of all, the recipe (which I will show you later) requires ores, the actual block not the mineral you get out of it. So, you will need a silk touch pickaxe. If you put ores in this chest, they will smelt overtime and produce a greater yield than a furnace. I put 9 diamond ore blocks in here. 1 down and I already have 5 diamonds!

It does not give you a certain amount each time, it is random. But, I am guessing that you don’t get any more than 5 for one. That’s where the overpowered part comes in. Example, after 7 ores I came out with 27 diamonds. Again, this chest may require some fuel to operate in the future.

Here is the recipe.

Posted Image

Here is the Grabber Chest.

Whatever comes in contact with this chest will enter it, unless it’s full.

See. Here are the two items I threw at it.

Here is that chest’s recipe.

Posted Image

Finally, here is the Smelter Chest.

The purpose for this is fairly obvious. Whatever you put in here will be smelted over time, but it isn’t like the ore chest, you won’t get a greater yield from the chest than you would a furnace.

64 porkchops = 64 porkchops. Sorry. Like the Ore and Tool chests, this one will require some sort of fuel in the future.

Here is the recipe for this chest.

Posted Image

That is it. Here comes the rating…



This mod is pretty cool. All the chests seem to work perfectly, and I can’t recall any bugs, there might still be some, I just didn’t see them. Each of the chests has a different purpose and most of them require quite a few resources to create. They aren’t impossible to make, but some of them are a bit more difficult. The Ores Chest is a little overpowered, and some of the chests should require a fuel source so I am glad that they have already decided to implement that in the future. Other than that, there isn’t much to say. Very good mod, check it out.

Here is the download link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1288753-v132-utility-chests-mod-mod-version-201sspsmp/

Also, there will be no mod review next week. Sorry.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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