MCX360 Update Coming Soon! (259/365)

Hello everyone.

A few days ago, I was able to get a glimpse of some screenshots pertaining to the new Minecraft update for the Xbox. And let me just say this, I cannot wait. This update will be bringing forward 1.8.1, which is known as a huge update for Minecraft. As some of these screenshots show you, we will be having a feature-packed update. As soon as this comes out, it’ll be time for me to dust off my Xbox, and fire it up after a hiatus. Look below for the screenshots!


From this screenshot, we can already see a decent amount of upcoming features. You can see that chicken now drop uncooked meat. In his inventory you can see both cooked chicken, and the best food source of all time, Watermelons! I can say with honesty that I will be building a massive watermelon farm on the Xbox now too. Although to be honest, I don’t really need it. Along with this you see the hunger bar. This will be my favorite update, as I can keep my health up easier. Another thing, stackable food. Yes, the xbox edition cannot stack foods yet.

This screenshot not only shows all the types of food in the game, but the addition of iron fences, stone bricks, and creative mode. Creative mode will be one of the features of this update, as many people buy Minecraft exclusively for that reason.

Nothing too new here, but you can see rotten flesh, which isn’t in the Xbox edition. Mmmm, Prime meat!

Wooh NPC Villages! This I’m looking forward to as well. However, in this update at least, there probably won’t be any Npc’s just yet. Soon though.

Do you see it? The silverfish, our favourite little parasite. If we have Silverfish, which are usually located in Strongholds, then that means…

Enderman. Because defending your house against your friends wasn’t enough! Now we get a bit of non-human griefing. Better build some moats to keep them away!

And cave spiders and mineshafts apparently.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this quick preview into the new update. No words on when it will update just yet, but I will tell you guys just when that happens!



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