Minecraft News Weekly (260/365)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Minecraft weekly. This week there wasn’t a whole lot of news for Minecraft, but there was a few good ones.


Well, kind of. The registration opened up earlier this week, and as I look at it now, all of the tickets have been sold out. Sold out kind of fast didn’t it? Anyways, If you’re keen on going, I would check back every once in a while, as Mojang might release some more tickets.


Mojang’s releasesd an additional snapshot this week with some fixes and updates to the previous one.

Quoted from Minecraftforum.net:

  • Tweaks to the Wither
    He continues to be refined – this time, with a bit of nasty self-defense
  • Carrots are now carrot, and added new food item
  • Tweaks to a couple of item sprites
    Specifically, Bread, Raw Chicken, Cooked Chicken, Raw Beef, Steak, Raw Porkchop, Cooked Porkchop, Red Apple, and Nether Star no longer have a dark outline.  Golden Carrot now matches the carrot, and heads are centered properly.
  • Leather armor now has a non-dyed layer
  • Superflat customization options
    Comes with 7 presets: Classic Flat, Tunnelers’ Dream, Water World, Overworld, Snowy Kingdom, Bottomless Pit, and Desert.  Also, Custom starts off with Classic Flat with three options: Add Layer, Edit Layer, Remove Layer. Adding and editing are NYI.
  • Pigs are now able to jump when players ride on them
  • Added /clear command to empty the inventory
  • Evil mobs are now a little bit more fearless in hard difficulty
  • Various bug fixes

It’s nice to see that Mojang still keeps on updating Minecraft weekly, ready to appeal to the ever-growing fanbase. There’s a game company to admire.

Sadly, that’s all. There really wasn’t a whole lot of information this week about Minecraft. Hopefully next week will be better.


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