Minecraft Tip #31 (261/365)

Hello everyone. Today I was playing on a pvp server, (A favourite pastime of mine) and came upon a bit of advice that I never thought about before. Now, we all know that we’ve played on servers before where we are evenly matched with the enemy, but somehow, your foe manages to kill you. Before we attributed it to luck, now we attribute it to enchanting, but even then, it seems that you always lose. Well, I found out a neat little tip.

By spamming the right and left-mouse buttons during combat, you can do the same amount of damage as you did before, with the added benifit of some protection. You see, when you hold the right mouse button, it lowers the amount of damage done. So by spamming these buttons, you take less damage while dealing the same. Seems to be a good deal to me.

This time, try this little tip out when killing some players. You might just win this time!

Or monsters. Against monsters would be nice too.


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