Why do we play Minecraft? (263/365)

Hello everyone. Today I’ve got a question for you; Why do you play Minecraft?

That’s the big question. It’s not something that can be easily answered, that’s for sure. Even as I think about it, I can’t think of why I play Minecraft, I just know that I do. Today’s post is going to be a bit philosophical, but hopefully it should be interesting enough.

Why do we play Minecraft?

The Sandbox Appeal:

I think that the major reason behind why we play Minecraft is the sandbox appeal. Humans, by very instinct, are creative and¬†exploratory. We have always had the yearn to travel our globe, to create stories and characters, artwork and movies, poems and plays. I think that Minecraft appeals to that inner sense within us. When you first started Minecraft, or at least had seen Minecraft, I think we all felt that although everything looked strange, and blocky, that there was something beyond the horizon worth exploring. I can affirm this, as I’ve spent too much time just walking around, enjoying all the beautiful scenery created by the game.

We also create. From the very beginning, when we build our house out of whatever we can find, out of necessity, to the later part of a game, where we will go and remodel our houses, build artwork, etc, etc. Although the title Minecraft suggest mining and destroying as part of the game, we find that creating is the more prominent part of it. If you google ‘Minecraft creations’ right now, you’ll find thousands of links of creations that people have created in Minecraft. Minecraft, it seems, has become a way to express artwork. If you look online right now, you can find multiple Psa’s, stories, adventures based on Minecraft. These creations are nothing more than stories, re-imagined in Minecraft.

The ‘What Do I Do?’ Appeal:

From the very first moment in Minecraft, when you see the world rendering before your virtual eyes, you are surprised at the lack of direction. Mostly everygame nowadays features a miniature guide or a tutorial and a storyline to tell you what to do and how to do it. Not Minecraft. In Minecraft you need to figure out what to do. From there you have to decide what to do. From the title, videos, and blogs(Like ours) we all know that you need to build a shelter to survive the night. You turn towards a tree and you punch it.

And after you’ve built your first house, what do you do? You go underground. You know that somewhere there are valuable in dem’ hills, and you go mining for them. You go mining, and you probably meet your first creeper. The first time that you feel like you just want to cry. You go mining again, get some materials. You go to the Nether, kill some blazes and come back with your loot. You go to the End and slay the Enderdragon. Now what do you do?

That’s a good question. What do you do now?

That, that my friends is entirely up to you. From here, you decide what to do. Perhaps you upgrade your house, or build a house in the Nether. Maybe you decide to live exclusively in the Nether, or the end? Perhaps, now it’s time for Multiplayer.

The Multiplayer Appeal:

Minecraft, although singleplayer at it’s core, is very much a multiplayer game. If you googled ‘Minecraft Servers’ you would find tens of thousands of servers out there. Every single one has their own communities, their own lore, their own worlds. Finding one is a difficult game to play, but enjoying them is not. There is nothing more satisfying than getting to know people over the internet, people who love Minecraft just like you do. And servers are great ways to hang out with your friends. If you play online on a server, and if your internet can handle it, I recommend using Skype at the same time.

Multiplayer is why Minecraft is so popular. Why build alone, if you can build with friends? That’s the ultimate reason behind multiplayer. And sometimes, playing together can renew your interest in Minecraft.

The ‘Indie’ Appeal:

You may ask this, “What’s an indie game?” To simplify it, an indie game is a game created by a single person, or a small group of people without the financial support of a video game publisher. Minecraft is truly that. Unlike a game such as the Sim’s, Minecraft was not funded except by it’s creator himself, Notch. Normally, these indie games, seems to have a very specific quality. They are very unique, and tend to be unlike any others anywhere else.

The Customization Appeal:

Minecraft, believe it or not, is very customizable. From texture packs that change the theme of the game, and even offer a higher resolution than what is originally offered. You can download mods, which add brand new gameplay and options to Minecraft, changing the game balance itself. You get your own Username, and your own skin. It’s all very customizable and nice.

The Anything Appeal:

Minecraft is anything that you want it to be. For some, it’s merely a place to build to their hearts content. Some use it to design future projects or for their job. Some use it to escape from the reality of life. It allows some people to live a whole another life. Some people simply want to kill other players, compete or fight. It’s all up to you, whatever you want to do you can do.

And lastly,

The Addiction:

Minecraft is addictive, if you didn’t already know that. It doesn’t take a genius to know that nearly 7 million people are hopelessly addicted to Minecraft. I can vouch on that. My senior year, I would have rather played Minecraft, then I would have studied. Heck, even in college, I still do that in my free time.

I hope you enjoyed my bit of Minecraft philosophy. If so, please leave a comment and like the post! Thank you very much!



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