LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 13- The Submarine (264/365)

Hello everyone. Here is our next LOST post. This one was fun, I altered it a bit to make it extra fun. Let’s get started.

You found the barracks and see that Jack is playing football with the Others. This might be a bit difficult. To avoid detection, you decide to wait until night and then go to talk to him.

Here’s Jack’s house. Is he playing piano?

(Imagine Jack sitting at the piano playing a lovely tune) Oh snap, there’s a camera up there.

A bunch of Others come into the house and ask you if you are alone. You lie and say you are alone. They take you away and lock you up in one of the buildings.

Meanwhile, Locke is looking for Ben.

Locke finds Ben’s house and goes inside.

(By the way, “You” is now Locke) You find Ben and wake him up. You ask him where the submarine is. After an extremely long, and at times philosophical discussion. He eventually tells you where the sub is. Of course, he knows you want to blow up the sub and he wants you to blow it up too. He conned you, even though you were going to blow it up anyway.

You start walking towards the dock. Unknown to you, Jack and Juliet are about to use this sub to go back to the real world.

There it is. Now I only brought one piece of TNT. But that doesn’t sound like enough fun. It is a big sub after all.

Let’s go inside and blow this place to kingdom come!

! block of TNT would make a small hole. 1 stack of TNT would suffice in blowing it up completely.

Don’t worry, I placed more. Muah ha ha.

I detonated the TNT and ran. I didn’t run fast enough though and somehow I ended up underwater.

Well, no more submarine. Uh oh, there’s Jack. He kinda looks pissed.

That’s all for today’s episode. Stay tuned for Chapter 14- The Staff!

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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