Surviving the Nether 2.0- Part 4 (265/365)

Hello and welcome to the fourth installment of my Surviving the Nether 2.0 series. Today is the last time I will be in the Overworld. After the 15 minutes is up, I will go to the Nether. If you recall from my previous entry, I had gotten myself lost in the mine and I need to get out and find my chest which holds many valuable items that I will need if I want to live in the Nether (saplings, mushrooms, seeds, dirt). Without these things, I would only survive for a while. Once my food ran out, I would be screwed. But with seeds and mushrooms, I can theoretically live forever.

So, in this time span I attempted to retrace my steps and find my way out. Should be possible, I left torches all over the place. It’s harder than you think, though. I also tried to get as many ores as possible. I even broke my rule about going out of my way to get gold and stuff. I figured that it does have some use, might as well get it. Let’s find out what happened in 15 minutes…my last 15 minutes.

I knew that I came in via a waterfall, so I might start by looking for some falling water.

Hey! That’s a good sign. I must have come from that direction.

There’s an even better sign. I am surely headed in the right direction now.

You would think that that was the case but it wasn’t. I couldn’t find the waterfall. But I decided that if I couldn’t find the way out within 10 minutes, that I would just dig straight up. I know, it wasn’t the smartest plan but it was the best one.

But lo and behold I managed to find my chest. I must have been pretty close to the water fall because I dug my way out and found it in a couple seconds.

With about 4 minutes left, I stored all my stuff in my chest and started killing some piggies.

My last sunset. Goodbye my friend.

Here is everything I have. A little more than 100 iron, about a quarter stack of gold, a supply of mushrooms, bonemeal, saplings. Alright Nether, bring it on.

Yes, I cheated and spawned in some obsidian. That was my plan all along. I didn’t spawn anything else, don’t worry.

Goodbye world, I will miss you.

Here we go.

Ugh, this place looks like Hell.

Just to show you that I will not be leaving the Nether…

…no more portal.

Well, that is it for the Overworld. Now, we begin a new chapter. Now, the survival really kicks in. There is no escape. There is no way out…except death. Once I die, this world, and this series, will be done.

This…is the beginning of the end.

(I made it sound more epic than it really is again, haha)

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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