LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 14- The Staff (266/365)

Welcome to the 14th chapter of our LOST series. Today we find yet another Dharma station. I’m sorry to say, this episode will not be as exciting as the last two. Fortunately, the next two will be. Let’s begin.

Jack and Juliet have come back to the beach camp. No one trusts Juliet, except for Jack. Sun asks Juliet what happens to pregnant women on the island (long story). Juliet says that they all die. Later that night, Juliet tells Sun that there may still be hope for her, but that she must determine the D.O.C. (date of conception). To do this, you must go to the medical station.

Step 1: Find the medical station (The Staff).

There it is. That was easy enough (actually, it is really difficult to find this station on the map, just saying).

Down another dark and mysterious staircase. Why are all the stations like that?

Here we are.

Step 2: Find the hidden room in the locker room.

Well here is the locker room.

Ok, that wasn’t very hidden.

Well, Juliet determines that the baby was conceived on the island. Which means that in a few months, Sun will die. That sucks.

That was a really quick post. There isn’t a lot to do in this chapter. So I will show you some of the other rooms.

Here is the nursery.

This is the operating room.

That is the “fridge” where they store all the medicine.

Sort of a quick post today. I promise the next two chapters will be a bit more exciting. On that note, stay tuned for the Chapter 15 Part 1- The Looking Glass.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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