Minecraft Weekly! (267/365)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another issue of Minecraft Weekly. This week, Jonah and I have got some more information than last week, so this post should be a much better one than last week. We’ve got some news about Minecraft Pocket Edition, another batch of Minecon Tickets for Paris, a special teaser picture, and the new snapshot.

SNAPSHOT 12w38a/b

This snapshot is something that I’m really excited for. Mostly because there are some nice new things included with this as part of the halloween update. We have two new mobs, some new features, and a plethora of new sounds. Seeing as this is a blog, which is mostly words, we can’t really portray the sounds but we will mention them briefly.

Let’s go!

Here’s the  changelog first:

  • Updated and added new sounds by C418
  • Added a neutral mob
  • Added a hostile mob (doesn’t spawn yet)
  • Command block target parameters have been upgraded, check here for details:https://gist.github.com/3736487
  • Beacon artwork has changed
  • Wood trunk blocks are now rotated differently. Instead of using the player’s position, it will rotate based on the face it is placed upon. This is mainly a test, so feedback is welcomed, but for me personally this way is a bit easier.

One new feature of this snapshot is the new bat mob.

This is what happens when you spawn a crap load of bats.

Although nothing amazing at first, they seem to be a nice mob that adds some atmosphere. Besides the enderdragon, blazes and ghasts from the other dimensions, Bats will be the first flying mob in the overworld. Unless you count chickens I guess. Bats will sleep upside-down during the day and will come out during the night. They are completely neutral and will not attack even if provoked. Currently, they don’t drop anything.

I had to do this…I’M BATMAN!

Witches are another mob added by this update. This one, I’m not so sure about. Artistically, they aren’t very original. All they are are villagers, with special noses and a blockish purple  hat.

They throw harmful potions at you and help themselves to some lovely potions of healing when damaged.

I feel that Mojang’s gone too far now. It’s not that they’ve done anything bad, but I feel that they’ve strayed from the original ‘Minecraft’ feel. If you were to look back at Beta 1.7, you would notice a huge difference from now. Before then, Minecraft survival was still more about crafting than it was about quests. With Enchanting and Brewing and now witches? I don’t know, something about the original feel is gone. Not saying that Minecraft’s not a good game anymore, I mean I really enjoy brewing and everything, but it’s changed.

Sorry about that ranting, anyways. Witches don’t currently spawn naturally, but they can be spawned with a monster egg. They are always hostile towards the player, and will throw random potions that have harming effects(ie poison, harming, weakness). If not prepared, they can be very dangerous.

Wooden logs are rotated differently now. They are rotated based upon the crosshair’s location instead of the player’s position. This is just a test feature to see how players react to this change.

There are new sounds made by C418 himself. A new swimming sound, walking-on-gravel, sand, grass, etc. Lots of them.

Endermen got some new sounds when they are aggravated. They are absolutely terrifying by the way. Now you have another reason not to piss them off, because you will wet yourself when you hear them. Ok, maybe a bit dramatic, but it is scary.


Dinnerbone released a teaser pic for another possible update. Stemming off from the mob heads that were introduced in a previous snapshot, we may soon have player heads…

Oh…this would be so awesome for PvP servers, showing off your kills at your fortress to ward off any possible noobs.


Mojang will be releasing another batch of Minecon tickets tomorrow night. Once again, I wish you luck in getting a ticket before they are all bought out.


You can now get Pocket Edition on your Kindle!!! Awesome, right? Well, I can’t say because I don’t have a Kindle. I’ll settle with my iPod touch for now.


We keep setting records! We have averaged nearly 200 views in the last 12 days. We love it when more and more people come to our blog. Thanks for coming to our blog! If you like what you see here you can leave a comment, follow us, rate/like individual posts, whatever you want. On the other side of the coin, if there is something about our blog that you don’t like we are open to some constructive criticism.

Tyler and I have also set a new goal for our blog. As you know, our previous goal was to get an average of 100 views in a given month. We had our doubts about surpassing that goal, but we did it. Our new goal is very difficult. It will be a challenge to complete it, but it is possible. But since I am slightly paranoid, I won’t say what the goal is. But, if we make it, trust me, it will be awesome.

Finally, it dawned on me yesterday that we are nearing the end. We had our 266th post yesterday, and since there are 366 days this year, that means we have entered the final 100 posts. We’ll make it.

That is all for the news today. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


3 comments on “Minecraft Weekly! (267/365)

    • Good, so Tyler and I aren’t the only ones who think that. I like the new bats and the new sounds from the snapshot, but I agree, witches is a bit too far. But I have enjoyed everything that has been added until now. Thanks for the comment.

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