Featured Pictures: Watch Your Step (268/365)

I’m sure it’s happened to everyone sometime. You create a new world and you spawn underwater or some other crazy place that you don’t really want to be at. Well, when I was testing a mod once, I created a new world and spawned in a very strange place. It was very dangerous and potentially lethal place to be if I wasn’t careful.

Here is where I spawned. No big deal, right? Nothing special or dangerous about this spawn point that I can see.

Well, if you do a 180 degree turn and proceed to look down you will see why it is so hazardous.

Now, I could…

A) Go to the left and go down the hill slowly,

B) Go to the right and jump into the lake and hope that the water is deep enough so that I don’t take any damage, or

C) Go straight forward and see if I survive the fall.

Which one sounds more fun?

I couldn’t agree more. C.

Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die, don’t…*CRACK*

Well, I did survive. However, I broke both of my legs, broke a few ribs, cracked my skull a bit, and got a severe concusion. No big deal though. A few golden apples healed all those wounds up nicely. All joking aside, I survived but only with 1 and a half hearts. So, yes it is a very dangerous fall.

That is all for today. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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