LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 15 Part 1- The Looking Glass (269/365)

Hello and welcome to Part 1 of the LOST Adventure Map Season 3 Finale! The season 3 finale of LOST was perhaps one of the greatest episodes ever. It changed things up quite a bit and shocked many viewers. As such, this chapter will be one of the best, in my opinion. Shall we begin?

Juliet has warned the survivors that the Others will be coming to take all the pregnant women. Also, a woman, Naomi, parachuted onto the island. Apparently there is a freighter about 80 miles off the coast of the island. She claims they are looking for Desmond. Jack has a plan to fight back at the Others and to call the freighter so that they can all be rescued.

First, someone needs to go to the Looking Glass station to turn off the jammer that is blocking communications to and from the island. A group of survivors also needs to stay behind at the beach to take down the Others when they show up. Finally, the rest of the survivors and Rousseau will go to the radio tower to turn off Rousseau’s transmission that has been running for 16 years and then call for help using Naomi’s satellite phone.

Step 1: Locate the wire on the beach. This will lead you to the Looking Glass.

Here it is. Desmond is tagging along with you (Charlie), just to make sure everything goes alright. Unfortunately, Desmond had another vision that Charlie would turn off the jammer, and then die.

Let’s hope he’s wrong.

There’s the station. The Looking Glass. Apparently, the station is flooded so you have to take a deep breath.

Step 2: Swim into the station

There’s the opening! Just a little further…

Huh. It isn’t flooded after all. Strange.

Step 3: Turn off the jammer.

Here is the button. Just flip that switch and piece of cake.

Then, you hear a sound. One of the lights is blinking and says there is an incoming call. You answer the call and find out that the woman on the other end is Penny, Desmond’s “girlfriend.”

You ask here if she is on the freighter. And she says she isn’t on the freighter and she has no idea what you are talking about. Just as Desmond is about to come in to talk to her, you hear something outside.

Ben found out that someone was going to the Looking Glass so he sent Mikhail (no he isn’t dead) to go take care of it. You close the door to save Desmond, which, in turn, seals your fate. Just as the TNT blows up and the glass breaks, you realize that Desmond was right this time.

You realize that you are about to die and you know that you must tell Desmond about Penny.

In perhaps one of the saddest scenes of all time, you write “Not Penny’s Boat” on your hand in marker and show it to Desmond who is on the other side of the door.

Desmond sees it and then, you drown.

Then who’s boat is it?

Back on the island, Jack and the rest of the survivors have almost made it to the radio tower. Naomi’s phone shows that the jammer was turned off. Claire, who is holding her crying child Aaron (we are meant to assume that he is crying because he somehow knows Charlie died), is told by Naomi that “Charlie just got us rescued.” So sad.

Step 4: Find the radio tower and call for help

Rousseau says you are almost there.

There it is.

Rousseau turned off her message. Now, you can call the boat.

You go up the radio tower to get a better signal. Ben who you captured on the way to the tower is begging you not to call the boat. He says that everyone on the island will be killed. You ignore him, even though, for one of the first times, he isn’t lying. The people coming to the island do plan on killing everyone.

You get to the top and you get a signal. You call the boat and they say that a helicopter is on the way.

Yay, were going to be rescued…or are we?

That is all for this part. In Part 2 we will see what happened at the beach.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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