Gameboosting your Minecraft! (272/365)

Hello everyone. Today I am going to introduce you all to Gamebooster.

Gamebooster is a very  nice little program that allows you to speed up your computer by shutting down unnecessary programs temporarily. It is very useful for those of you guys out there with old computers, or just really bad ones.

“Ahem, emachines, ahem.”

You can download the program for free right here:

Once downloaded, install and fire it up. By dragging the game shortcut, such as Minecraft, into the program, you can then turn on Gamebooster and it will speed up Minecraft. Your screen may go black for just a bit, but that’s normal. Some programs, such as the sidebar in vista will be shut down, and all that cpu usage will be directed towards Minecraft. In short, speeds it up a bit.

Before Gameboosting.


Much better.

Gamebooster still allows you to use Skype, so you can still talk to fellow Minecrafters while playing just a bit faster!

Until another time! Happy Mining!



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