Featured Pictures: Fire…Dangerous to Forests and FPS (273/365)

You guys all know Smokey Bear, right?

“Only you can prevent wildfires.”

Well, what you don’t know is that Smokey was really talking about Minecraft. He also omitted something from that phrase. Here is the original quote:

“Only you can prevent wildfires and FPS lag.”


I never really understood what he meant until a few days ago.

So, you know how Mojang made it so that fire spreads faster based on your difficulty? Well, I wanted to test that out, so that’s how this happened. I couldn’t say for sure how low my FPS went. Considering that I was playing on the snapshot and didn’t have Optifine and was playing on Far render distance, I would say I had to be at about 5 frames per second, maybe less. Fun, right?

Anyway, thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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