The Tale of Sun’s Kingdom!(275/365)

Hello everyone. This is SunBurntIcarus/Tyler here to tell you guys about a mod that I’ve been wanting to do a mod review on for a while now. This mod was created a while ago by Tyberalexx from Minecraft forums. Basically it’s about your rise to kingship and ruling a kingdom. I could say more, but I feel that it would be better to show you. So, I hope you enjoy this little quest from the eye of Sun!

Upon starting a new world you will most likely notice this little screen come up. This is the opening point of Tale of Kingdoms. In order to play with the mod, you must start a new conquest otherwise the world will be generated like normal. This is a mod about becoming a king and establishing your kingdom. Through killing mobs and earning the trust of people, you will earn enough armor to build your kingdom. Let’s begin our conquest!

Now, after clicking the ‘Start new Conquest’ option don’t be surprised by lag. In fact, Minecraft didn’t respond for a minute or so while it thought. Just give it time to think. As soon as you regain control of your character, look directly behind you.

This is the guild. This is where your base of operations is for your quest of becoming a king! You can find a blacksmith, a farmer, a banker, and a few different people who will help you on your journey. Most importantly however, this houses the Guildmaster. The Guild is really quite a piece of architecture. Whoever made this was really talented.

The People of the Guild:

The Guildmaster:

The guild master is the most important character on your journey. In order to initiate your journey to become king and earn honour required for that, you need to sign up for contract. Once that is done, you can kill monsters for coins and honour. Here you can hire Hunters, which are followers that are pretty lethal for 1.5k. If the guild was damaged, you can fix it and you can retire your hunters for 1000 back. When talking to him, you may notice the little status bar on the bottom left. This is your path to kingship. It shows you just how far you have to go in order to become king!

The Builder:

This cheery chap is going to help you in building your kingdom. As soon as you accumulate enough honor to be considered a king, he will follow you to build a kingdom. As soon as you have a kingdom, he is the one to talk to about upgrading said kingdom. Later in the game you can talk to him about upgrading and repairing your kingdom.

The Keeper:

The keeper has a really small, but crucial role in your journey. He has the ability to turn it to night and day at will. You will want it to be night as you need to hunt down them mobs!

The Blacksmith:

The blacksmith is where you can buy and sell items for money. He sells all the different tiers of tools from wooden swords and tools, to diamond! You’ll definitely want to talk to him, as killing mobs is dangerous.

Now that you’ve gotten yourself acquainted with the guild, it’s time to kill some evil!

For Minecraftia!

What’s different from usual is that evil mobs that you kill will drop 29 coins on the ground. These coins don’t go into your inventory, but are added up into a coin total that is located on your GUI.

Now, I do want to warn you about one new type of enemy, Reficules.

These guys are really, really tough. It takes about four hits from a diamond sword to kill them and they have a habit of lighting things on fire automatically and teleporting. If you don’t have iron armor or better you are doomed. Whatever you do, don’t rush them all at the same time. They can and will murder you very harshly. Don’t mess with them until later.


So you’ve killed a lot of mobs, been burned to a crisp countless times, own diamond armor and tools and are ready to become king. What next? First up, double check with the guild master to see if you have enough honour. If your screen looks similar to the one below then you are doing good.

Head to the builder and he will follow. Now you need to decide where you want your kingdom. You will need to have a decent distance from the guild in order to build, but as soon as you found somewhere you like tell him so. Click create kingdom, and after some more lag you will have your kingdom!

It’s very bland in the beginning, but by collecting cobblestone and wooden planks you can expand. Give the builder planks and cobble and you can choose what your kingdom shall have next! With buildings, comes villagers as well. There will be other Npcs that will hang around your kingdom, just itching for a chance to get to work! Give them a pick and an axe and they will follow you mining!

When you’ve finally leveled through all the different tiers and buildings, you will have a kingdom to be admired. From churches, smithys and quarries, you will have a kingdom.




That’s it folks. The excellent mod created by TyberAlexx. This mod is currently not being updated and is on Minecrcaft 1.2.5 version, but besides that I give this mod 5/5 diamonds. While this mod adds a huge amount of content, it doesn’t get  in the way of the vanilla game. You can still play Vanilla if you wish to , without having to do a quest. The trading system is much, much better than the villager trading and becoming king is really an awesome experience. This mod is bug-free, besides the bit of lag and I had an excellent time playing with this mod.


Tale of Kingdom’s Mod Thread:

If you don’t have a spare 1.2.5 jar left over, you can always use McNostalgia:

And my texture pack:×131-smps-revival-811-6-brand-new-blocks-to-play-with/


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