Surviving the Nether 2.0- Part 5 (276/365)

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my Surviving the Nether series! As many of you who have read these posts before know, I was in the Overworld for 1 hour and collected as many supplies as possible to prepare for my life in the Nether. That hour has been used up, and I am now living in the Nether. I didn’t play a whole lot today, but I managed to get a bit done.

Here is where we left off last time. I had passed through the portal and was welcomed by fire, lava, and the eerie cries of several Ghasts.

I took the liberty of making a few postcards for you guys.

Now, let’s talk about what I actually accomplished…besides taking these beautiful pictures.

i made a nice little tree farm here. I went out to go cut some trees down and then a Ghast shoots one, and lights the tree on fire. Not wanting to lose all my precious trees, I cut them all down as fast as possible. And now I have to repair the landscape…thank you Ghast!

Here is my beautiful house. I was informed that Ghasts can’t destroy cobble (you learn something new everyday), so i decided I should probably make my house out of that. Makes more sense than flammable wood I suppose.

House interior. I know, it’s beautiful.

I found this lovely cave right next to my house. I instantly knew how I was going to use it.

Mushroom farm! Now I can get my virtually infinite food supply.

Grrr…those frickin Ghasts just don’t give up!

Well I got my tree farm area cleaned up all nice and pretty.

I also put up some lovely lighting fixtures.

At the end of my first day in the Nether, I looked out onto the landscape and thought “What a beautiful place…eh, who am I kidding? This place sucks!”

Well, it might not be as great as the Overworld, but I can survive. Eventually, I would like to find a Nether fortress and steal some Nether Brick and use that to build a really nice home.

However, that might be a while. First, I need to get myself situated. I need to smelt all my iron and stuff. Make some armor, some proper tools, and get a good tree farm going.

Until next time, thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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