Jonah’s Survival Island- Day 6 (278/365)

Hello world! Here is a quick update on my island series. I wasn’t able to get a whole lot done today, but I managed to make some minor progress on my home.

First we have some breaking news: There is a new snapshot today, 12w40a (expect a 40b tomorrow), it mainly includes performance/bug fixes. Also, we now have a date to expect Minecraft 1.4…

OCTOBER 24, 2012

You can expect a pre-release about a week before, I would imagine. That is not confirmed, but I would assume that Mojang would do that again. That is all, back to the post.

I went to another place today to collect some lovely wool. I needed it to decorate my house. I went out at night though, with no sword, with no armor, on hard difficulty. Needless to say, there were a few times when I was running for my life and screaming like a girl.

I put up some beautiful lighting on my island. No more mobs! Plus, it looks cool at night.

I am working a bit on my bedroom.

That is why I needed all the wool. I am working on a kitchen. Of course, it’s mostly for decoration, but I will store some food and stuff there.

I also added some more lighting around the house. I especially don’t want any creepers spawning inside my lovely home.

Finally, my garden has almost reached its capacity. It’s been a very slow process, but I suppose it is worth it.

There are a few more things that I can think of that I still have to accomplish. I need to remodel the cobblestone generator so it doesn’t look like vomit. I need to put some fences around my garden, I need to move all my possessions inside my house (they are currently outside), and then I just need to work on some other things for decorations and such.

I don’t have a whole lot that I need to do. Hopefully, I can tackle all of those things next time.

Until then, thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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