Featured Pictures: Jonah vs. The Skeleton (279/365)

While playing on my island a few days ago, I ran into my house because it was night and the monsters are scary. Traditionally, Creepers have the reputation of creeping on people. But this time, a skeleton was creeping on me. And you guys know how much I hate skeletons. If you don’t, allow me clarify for you how much I hate them.


Clear enough? Good.

Now, this skeleton was creeping on me. So I had to teach him a few manners.

“Jonah…wanna come out and play? You’re my bestest friend in the whole world!”

Ah! Stay away from me you freak! You know what? This means war.

Now, I couldn’t kill the skeleton with just pure force while inside my house, but I could kill him with my wits. And daylight is soon approaching. You picking up on what I’m throwing down?

Hehe…come here Mr. Skeleton. Oh, watch out for that sun there, you might get a sunburn. That would be horrible.

Oops, sorry. I accidentally gave you a little shove there. I guess you’re gonna die in the sun now. Too bad. I’ll miss you…not.

That is all for today’s featured picture. Just remember, brains triumph over strength. That is why nerds, like Tyler and I, rule the world. Mwah ha ha!

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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