Minecraft Weekly!(281/365)

Hello everyone and welcome to Minecraft Weekly! The place where the Block Brothers review and list all of the Minecraft information that we’ve collected over the past week. I hope you all enjoy the post, and let’s begin!

Snapshot 12W40A is out!

Yep, the new snapshot’s out with bug fixes and a few new features. Most prominently among the changes are Witch huts and that slimes will spawn in swamps during the night. At least the witches don’t spawn in villages. And it will be much easier to get slime balls now.

Prepaid gifts cards are to hit the Big Retail Stores!

Now this is something that I’m excited for. After a long enough time, Mojang has decided to sell Minecraft gift cards in stores. For those of us out there with money, but no credit cards, this will be the solution. You haven’t a clue how long I had to spend convincing my parents to use their credit card on mojang’s website. This way you won’t have to worry about your credit card security, or those of your parent’s. Not to mention for certain people, access to the internet is very limited. However, these cards do not have the game on them, you will still need an internet connection initially. All you need to do is enter the code from the gift card into your Minecraft account and you can download the game!

Thanks for reading, and if you haven’t bought Minecraft just yet, wait a little longer and it’ll come out at places like Target and Walmart all around. Happy Mining!



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