LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 15 Part 2- Survivors Vs. Others (282/365)

Hello everyone. Get ready for some fun explosions! In the LOST timeline, this is the Season 3 finale. So, I suppose you could say that I am only half way done with this series. Well, I am a bit more than half way done, but I still intend on finishing this series before the 365 is completed.

Anyway, in the last post I showed the heroism of Charlie Pace as he turned off the jammer and that the rest of the survivors made it to the radio tower and called for help. Now (although it seems strange to have done the posts in this order), I will show you what happened on the beach. Please note: This is not in the instructions at all, I made this all up.

So, the Others are coming to take the pregnant women. But the survivors already know, and they have left the beach and set a little trap for the Others. Sayid, Bernard, and Jin stayed behind to set off the dynamite hidden in three tents. Let’s begin.

The Others are hiding in the trees, unaware that a bunch of TNT is waiting to blow them up.

Thinking that the coast is clear, they approach the tents that have been marked with black wool.

One group enters the first tent, only to find it empty, and a mysterious item hidden underneath the bed.

The next group finds the second tent…

…only to see the exact same thing.

The final group enters the last tent, and sees that it is also empty.

At the last second, the final group realizes that there is TNT underneath the bed.

However…they were a few seconds too late. BOOM!

One by one the tents blow up, thanks to the careful aim of Sayid, Jin, and Bernard. It also lights the jungle on fire. Oh well.

KABOOM! More dead Others.

Well…there might not be any jungle left in the morning, but at least we killed a bunch of the Others. Hooray!

Now, I took these pictures back when I had my old crappy computer, so you could imagine that by this point I was experiencing some fairly bad lag. Just thought I would mention that. I had some fun with this though. I almost feel that I look for excuses to blow stuff up in this series. I look at every chapter and think, “Hmm…could I blow something up in this chapter?” Most times, the answer is, unfortunately, no. Oh well.

Well that is all for this chapter of the LOST Adventure Series. Next, we will start “Season 4.”

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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