Featured Pictures: Whoa… (283/365)

I was playing some Tekkit a few days ago and was doing some good ol’ fashioned mining when I saw something really cool. Do you know how if you are mining really fast or if you have some lag you might see through the world, kind of like an x-ray mod? You’ll see all the mines and lava pools and cool stuff like that. Well, this time, I was mining above me, and I saw through the world. I must say, it was pretty cool.

Oooooo, what is this?

Now tell me that does not look cool! That is our island. You can see everything clearly, the garden, my house, the surrounding ocean, it’s all there, and it looks awesome!

That is all for today’s post, I just thought I would share this with you guys since I think it looks really cool.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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