Jonah’s Survival Island- Day 7 (287/365)

Hello world! Today, I have an update for you on my Survival Island series and a bit of news pertaining to a future series. Let’s talk about this new series first.

We will have a new series starting up very soon. However, it is more of a “re-imagined” series. We can’t say any more about this new series yet, but it will involve both Tyler and I, and, possibly, some videos. We might not be able to get any videos, it all depends on how well I can play Minecraft and record video at the same time. We shall see. Now, back to Survival Island.

I got a fair amount of work done yesterday. I finished the kitchen area, brought all my supplies inside, and then I decorated the outdoors a bit.

I also decided to finally smelt all of my ores. I’m not sure why I waited so long, but oh well.

Here is my completed kitchen. I may add some lighting around the house next time, good lighting, not torches.


I managed to move all my stuff inside. I’m not going to leave it here though, I plan on using this area for a fireplace.


I sailed over to my tree island and thought that this was a good photo opportunity with the lovely sunset.

I was able to get enough seeds to make a full garden, and I also put up a fence around it.


I finally re-decorated my cobblestone generator. It looks a little better now anyway, at least it isn’t made out of dirt anymore.

I planted a few trees around the island to make it look a little nicer.


I also moved my sugar cane farm over to this island since it wasn’t doing much on the other island. I thought that might be a problem since I was a little far away…

Here is my island at the end of Day 7.

I still have a few more plans for decorating my house, but aside from those I am out of ideas. So, I am asking you guys to help me out a bit here. Tyler and I came up with a few ideas of things I could do on this series, so if you guys could take a minute to answer this poll and let me know what I should do I would appreciate it.

Thank you all for reading and Happy Mining!


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