Minecraft/Mojang/Blog News 10/8-10/14 (288/365)

Hello everyone! We have a little bit of news for you today about Minecraft/Mojang, and a big bit of news for you about our blog. Let’s begin.

SNAPSHOT 12w41a/b-

We got a new snapshot this week. There were some small changes implemented in the game, but there was also one major addition. You may have noticed from our “Minecraft 1.4 at a Glance” post earlier this week that Mojang had released pictures of a new block called an Anvil, which could reportedly repair items, combine enchantments, and rename items.

Well, it’s in the is snapshot and it’s looking quite nice.

Here is the latest block, the Anvil. There are actually three types of anvils: Anvil (Regular), Slightly Damaged Anvil, and Very Damaged Anvil.

I guess if you use the Anvil enough it will break and you will have to make a new one, which by the way, is very expensive. You will need 6 Blocks of Iron and 1 iron ingot to craft it, which comes to a total of 55 iron ingots. Yeah, not as pricey as the pyramids but still a lot.

Anyways, these Anvils can actually do 4 things (the first three cost a certain amount of levels).

  1. Rename items (Costs 15 levels for a diamond pick, don’t ask me why though, I don’t think it should cost any levels)
  2. Repair items (Only if you combine with another tool, so why would you spend levels when you can place the items in your crafting table and repair them that way?)
  3. Combine enchantments (now this one is actually useful, it just requires a lot of levels)
  4. Damage player or mobs if it falls on them (Awesome)

Let’s look at the Anvil menu:

If you have a Silk touch pick in one slot and an Efficiency 2 pick in the other, you can combine those enchantments into one pick! This feature only keeps the best enchantments. So, if one pick has Efficiency 1 and the other has Efficiency 3, you will get Efficiency 3 out of the deal.

Pretty neat huh? Here’s another problem though. The level capacity is 39 levels. So you will not be able to repair/rename/combine enchantments if it is going to cost you more than 39 levels.

Overall, this is awesome. But I don’t think renaming should cost levels and I certainly don’t think there should be a level cap. Other than those things, it’s awesome.


Early this morning the Minecraft Facebook page managed its way up to 5 million likes! That’s is quite impressive. Because of this, Mojang is holding another contest which we’ll talk about next. Congrats to everyone at Mojang for this accomplishment!



A few months ago Mojang held a contest for people to create some sort of artwork related to Minecraft. The one which they believed to be the most impressive was featured as their header for a few months. Now, they are looking for a new header. This time the theme is “Minecraft Celebration.” If you are artistically gifted and you want you artwork to be presented to 5,000,000+ people, then you should give this a try. I would try, but I have a Math/Science mind, not an artistic mind. Too bad.


We only have a couple things to talk about but they are huge things.

Number one, we have a new series coming up this week which will star both Tyler and I. This is going to be a lot of fun and it is going to open the doors to something even greater. In a few weeks, Tyler and I are going to try something huge. We will announce our idea soon, and if enough people are interested, it will happen.

Number two, we are going to run off a new schedule on our blog. Here it is:

Monday-         ”Map Monday”
Tuesday-        ”Tuesday Tip”
Wednesday-   “Whatever Wednesday”
Thursday-       “Tekkit Thursday”
Friday-           “Featured Friday”
Saturday-       “Survival Saturday”
Sunday-          Weekly News

Allow me to explain these more specifically.

On Mondays we will have a post from our LOST series. However, once that series is complete, we will work on other maps.

On Tuesdays we will have a Minecraft Tip. No real explanation required.

On Wednesdays we will have a random post. However, you can request something special by visiting this page and leaving a comment.

On Thursdays Tyler will be continuing his Tekkit series with some slight improvements.

On Fridays we will have a Featured Mob, Featured Server, or a Featured Pictures post.

On Saturdays we will have a post from one of our survival series (Superflat Survival, Surviving the Nether, Survival Island).

On Sundays we will have a news post like we always do.

Now there may be some times when we slip up or are too busy and we might not follow this schedule exactly. There may also be times when there is a special event on a specific day and we may do a post on that instead of the scheduled post.

We will try our best to follow this schedule until the end of our 365. Once the 365 is done, we won’t be posting every day, so this schedule may be modified or removed.

That is all for today folks. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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