LOST Adventure Map: Chapters 16/17- The Tempest (289/365)

Hello world! Welcome to yet another chapter of the the LOST Adventure Map series that has been going on for 8+ months! Sort of sad I suppose, but I will finish before the 365 is up. But I won’t finish it if I don’t stop talking so let’s get down to business.

We are now in, what you could call, Season 4 of our series. As you may remember, the survivors made a trek up to the radio tower so that they could try and call for help to the freighter anchored about 80 miles off the coast. They made it there, and successfully called for help. Now, there is a helicopter on the way. They aren’t here to rescue you though. The helicopter actually holds three scientists and a pilot.

Locke doesn’t trust the people on the freighter, he doesn’t believe they will rescue them (he doesn’t want to be rescued anyway). Several others agree with him and they decide to go to the barracks where they believe they will be safe. So, you take your new group of survivors to the barracks while Jack’s group stays at the beach with the scientists.

Step 1: Go to the barracks

You arrive at the barracks and each take a house. Ben came with you too, so you have to lock him up.

You take Ben’s house and decide to lock him up there.

In the basement of his house, there is a little room which serves as a nice jail.

Eerie, boring hallway. Don’t ask about the Nether fence, I just thought it would look like a pipe…it didn’t.

Now that Locke and Co. are situated in the barracks, let’s see what’s going on in Jack’s group.

You discover that two of the scientists, Dan and Charlotte, have disappeared and you find out that they are going to the Tempest. Juliet says that it is an electrical station. But, in reality, there is a deadly gas housed in that station which, if released, would kill everyone on the island.

She is worried that these two intend to release the gas, so she rushes off to go find them.

Step 2: Go to the Tempest

You arrive at the Tempest, but you haven’t found Dan or Charlotte yet. They must already be inside.

Time to head inside.

Step 3: Turn off the gas (press the button on the computer)

Here’s the control room.

You find Daniel at the computer and you confront him. But he says that he’s trying to disable the gas so it can’t be used again by anyone (such as Ben).

You decide to trust him and he manages to turn it off just in time.

That is all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. Come back tomorrow for a new Minecraft Tip. Thanks for reading, and if you have a special request for a post on Wednesday go to our “Whatever Wednesday” Request page by clicking here and simply leave a comment.

Happy Mining!


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