We’re Thinking About A Server… (291/365)

Hello everyone and welcome to the first wednesday of our new weekly schedule. Today is “Whatever Wednesday” and for the first week I decided that I would write about something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Create an official Block Brothers server.

Now, I don’ t want to get too far ahead, as we haven’t even started, but we would love some feedback from you guys as to what kind of server to make. I’ve made a small poll below with some possibilities along with the possibility of writing your own suggestions. Jonah and I kind of have an idea as to how we want to make it, but since this is an official server of The Block Brothers, and we would be nothing without our readers, we would appreciate some feedback. It’s because of you guys that we are creating this server, so once again; Thank you. Thank you for all the views, all the wonderful feedback and ideas, and most importantly, your attention. We cannot thank you enough for paying attention to a blog created by two avid fans of Minecraft.

We brought this blog together nearly a year ago now, with the idea of creating a place for Jonah and I to express our ideas and try something new about Minecraft. Now, it’s become a place where we express our ideas… to other people like us. Considering that we’ve been getting more and more views by the day, we decided it’s time we build a custom server for our fans.

Also, we are planning some community events as well as special privileges for those who comment on this post with their Minecraft Usernames. Have any ideas? Comment.

Thank you!



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