We’ve Got A Server! (292/365)

We finally have obtained a server for the Block Brothers. This time, this server will be able to handle a much more massive group of people, as a server where we can build and have fun. However, it’s not ready just yet. We’re working on getting it ready for all of you guys, and boy do we have a lot to do. So, we’re going to be posting pictures and updates as soon as we can, following our process. With the best of luck we should have this server up within a week or two, but we’ll be looking for some good plugins and get a spawn set-up. We plan on having a Survival server, as that is the real aspect of Minecraft, with an economy to buy other items and so forth. If we get enough people we might have some public competitions such as Spleef, pvp arena, and hunger games naturally. Who knows? Whatever our readers and we feel best is what we will do. If we make any major decisions, we will consult our server-goers and put it up to a vote.

So, anyways we have started to work on the server today, and we’re setting up the spawn.

As you can tell, it’s looking good. It’ll be a while before it’s ready.

We’ve also decided to delay Tekkit thursday for a while, until we are done with the server. This is our next big project and we will be working hard on it.

Until next time, Happy Mining.

-The Block Brothers


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