LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 18- The Mercenaries (296/365)

Hello everyone! Today is a good day. I got to donate some blood and now I get to do an update on my LOST Adventure series. But today also seems to be a bad day because as I am writing this post, minecraft.net and all of its services are down. But it’s no big deal right? It’s not like I play Minecraft all the time, oh wait, I do. Well darn.

Hopefully it will be back up soon, but we don’t know for sure when we can expect it to come back up. Until then, here is an update on LOST.

Locke’s group is currently living at the Barracks because they believe they will be safe there. They’re not. A group of mercenaries are on their way there to capture Ben and bring him back to the mainland, by order of Charles Widmore. Here is what went down once they arrived.

Locke and Sawyer went to go see Ben, who was released from his cell by Locke and allowed to live in one of the houses, in order to ask what Code 14-J was, which they heard over the telephone.

Ben says that they’re coming and Sawyer runs around town to tell everyone to stay inside.

And just as he’s about to do that, all hell breaks loose.

The start blowing up houses and killing people for the main intention of pissing everyone off so they will just give them Ben.

Sawyer is running back and the madness continues.

He makes it back to the house and everyone starts covering the windows and barricading the door.

You get a message from one of the mercenaries on your radio and you’re asked to go to the window so you can discuss terms. You tell him that you’re not leaving the house and he kills your daughter, Alex, who was being held hostage.

You’re not too happy with the mercenaries or Widmore at the moment, as Ben and Charles had a “rule” to not include their loved ones in their war.

You push away the bookcases to reveal a hidden closet.

In a secret passage in the secret closet you climb down a hole.

There’s a drain, who knows what it does though. You do, but that’s not the point.

You pull the plug and the water starts to drain.

Oh now what’s going to happen? Cool stuff.

You return to the living room and tell everyone that in a few seconds they must leave the house and run.

Then, you hear it. You remove the barricade from the door and run outside.


Once you get outside you see that the smoke monster is ripping the mercenaries a new one. You run the opposite direction but don’t really know where to go, you just know that they will be back…soon.

That is all for today’s post. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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