Minecraft Tip #33(297/365)

NOTE: The special 1.4 post is being postponed until Thursday because Mojang is holding off on the update until then because they wanted to work on some serious bug fixes. Again, 1.4.1 will be released on THURSDAY, and we will have a special post for the release on that day.

Have you ever been wandering around, perhaps searching for resources or just lost from home? Notice your hunger bar is down? Low on health? You found some pigs but no mean of cooking their flesh?

Here’s a question: Do you have a flint and steel in your inventory? If you do, you are in luck. Using a flint and steel allows you cook a mobs food drops without a furnace. Yep, a secondary use for flint and steel now.


So long as the mob that you killed, (including cows, pigs and chickens) were on fire at the time of their death, they will drop cooked food. As a second addition, an enchanted sword with Fire aspect can also cook their drops as long as they survive the first attack.

There you be! A way of cooking mobs! Without a furnace! Barbecue style!

And yes, I feel terrible about using that image for the title. Isn’t he just so cute though. The Minecraft ones are ok to eat though.



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