Tekkit w/ Sun & Batman (298/365)

Hello everyone! Currently, Jonah and I are not technically working on the server which we will one day open to the public. However, we are testing out some plug-ins while playing on the Tekkit server. We are also…doing SCIENCE!

As I’ve said before, Jonah and I are planning on revamping the Tekkit series, so I suppose that this would be episode one then! Well… Um, Welcome to Tekkit with Sun & Batman! Batman being Jonah obviously.

So, for today I’m going to introduce you to our homes. Originally our plan was going to make an awesome, Tekkit’d house that we would share, but as I already knew from past experiences, that wouldn’t work out well. Let’s just say that I like to have pets……a lot of them.

Anyways, we headed our different directions. While I stayed in the center of an island (The server map is basically an island), Jonah moved northward towards the ocean. He found a nice little beach area and quickly set up shop.

Bat’s Compound

It’s like the Batcave, only not in a cave. With actual houses. And no bats. And not dark.

This is Jonah’s compound. The house that you see floating on the middle bay is where he lives, the one on the right is for all of his machines and technology and the one on the left is for an experience farm. He’s got a nice little set up as you can see. He’s got a little fenced off area for a chicken farm, a small wheat farm to the top right, and a lot of Sugar cane. I wonder what he’s using it for….

Now it’s up to my compound!

Sun’s Compound

This is where it all happens. This is where I will be beginning to set up shop and do some Tekkit! The majority of future posts will be located in my area, but I will be showing off Jonah’s creations as well.

It may not be as much as Jonah’s,  or in much of a vacation spot, but I like it. As you can see, I’ve got a little pond to the bottom left, a medium-sized wheat farm on the left, a rubber tree farm in the middle, and of course, my condo on the right. I’m thankful that  Volcanoes don’t erupt in tekkit, as I didn’t really realize just how close I live to one….

On a side note, did you know that with the essentials plugin you can spawn trees? Because I did.

Totally looks in place.

Besides what we’ve shown you, we’ve got a lot more to go over in the future. Tekkit is amazingly huge. With over 10 major mods combined together, there is a lot of content in this game type. We have computers, machines, magic, redpower, programming, Nano-armor, and much, much more. All coming up.. Next Week on the Block Brothers!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading. Happy Mining!

-Sun and Bat


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