Minecraft 1.4.2…The Pretty Scary Update! (299/365)

Welcome to the dawn of a new era. An era where Steves all over the world are filled with fear and doubt. They will now fear the night, for not only will there be Creepers and Spiders, but there will be even more powerful Skeletons and Zombies, Witches, and, for those who are brave enough, the dreaded Wither.

There is a glimmer of hope, however. In the daytime, Steves can plant new tasty food, decorate their houses with lovely item frames and flower pots, ride pigs, and repair all their weapons for the coming night.

Welcome…to the Pretty Scary Update!

Wait, hold on. This is 1.4.2? What happened to 1.4 and 1.4.1? If you don’t know, here’s what happened. Originally, 1.4 was set to release yesterday, but it was postponed so Mojang could deal with some serious bugs. The 1.4 pre-release was already available however, so they decided to release it as 1.4.1. Then we got another bug fix and it instantly jumped to 1.4.2. The more bug fixes, the better.

Tyler and I will be writing this post together, and it is going to be a bit different than you might think.

Here is what we are NOT going to do: We are not going to go over every single addition from this update. If you want to see the main additions in more detail you can read my post from a couple weeks ago. Click here to read that post.

Here is what we ARE going to do: We are going to go over our favorite and least favorite additions and say why we feel that way about them.

We shall begin this post with Jonah’s point of view, and then Tyler’s.



Overall, I am pleased with this update. It has changed Minecraft a bit and made it a bit more interesting. Nevertheless, there are some things which I don’t care for. Let’s start by talking about mobs.


I usually enjoy when new mobs are added. I provides the game with a new challenge. The Wither is no different. I like the concept of the Wither, and it is a challenge. But, seriously, I was trying to take some screenshots today, and the damn thing wouldn’t leave me the hell alone. You guys think that I hate Skeletons? Multiply that by 3 and you have my hatred for Withers.


Mojang, I am sorry, but you took this “Halloween update” a little too seriously. Witches, really? I know I came into Minecraft a little late (I started right before the official release), but this is not the Minecraft that I “grew up with.” That’s just my opinion, but I don’t feel that Witches are right for Minecraft. I think Minecraft lost a part of itself with this addition.


Hell yes. I love these little things. Sure they serve no purpose at all and they are completely neutral, but come on. These guys are freaking awesome. Maybe I am a bit biased because I am obsessed with Batman and have a Batman skin in Minecraft, but…they’re still cool.

Moving on to new items…

New Decorations-

I can’t choose. Seriously, I love all these things. I’m glad they decided to implement these new decoration blocks into Minecraft, they just make everything look so much nicer. My only complaint is with mob skulls. I don’t care for the fact that you can’t acquire any of them in Survival (except for the Wither skull). I hope they change that in the next update.


Tyler and I both like this new item, but there are a few things that we don’t really care for all that much. Here is my opinion. I like that we have a way to repair tools now, and keep enchantments. I also like that we can rename things, but I don’t think you should have to pay enchantment levels for it. I don’t think you should have to pay a respective ore AND enchantment levels to repair a tool (just pick one!). Those are my only real problems with it, other than that, it’s awesome.

That is all I have to say. 1.4 gave us some really cool additions, but some stupid crap too (*cough* Witches *cough*).  So, there you go. Let’s see what Tyler says.



Similar to what Jonah has said, I can agree that this was a nice update. There were some really nice things added, and some bad ones, (ahem witches ahem) but overall, a good update from Mojang.


Probably my favorite thing from this update are the new bats. I like mobs that add some atmosphere to Minecraft. Plus, waking up  a swarm of bats in a cave and freaking out is definitely fitting in this scary update.


Witches? I absolutely hate witches, and will probably never actively seek one out.  Witches just don’t seem like the right mob for Minecraft, as Mojang  has done a good job of keeping this game relatively people free. Until now. Not only that, they are only a reworked model of a villager. Seriously?

Dyeable Leather Armor-

I like the idea of dying leather armor. New colors, and I could wear custom armor. Not only that, but Leather Armor has been reworked a bit as well. My only regret is that you can’t dye iron or something else.


Anvils? I like the concept of them, but not the follow up. I feel that the initial price is really quite high, charging experience levels for naming a sword is just stupid, and you should be able to repair a tool with just one of a respective ore, not multiples. There should be a reason that we create the anvil. Not only that, but it gets damaged? What the heck?


Lastly, the Wither boss. I don’t like it. This might just be my OCD acting up, or the fact that I don’t like to have holes in my world, but I don’t like that he goes around killing my animals, my home and my world. I do think that fighting him would be an interesting experience however.


Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that you enjoy Minecraft 1.4.2. Despite the fact that we are not very pleased with certain aspects, Mojang put a lot of time into this and it turned out pretty well. So, thank you Mojang for your hard, and awesome, work!

Happy Mining!

Also…stay tuned for our very special 300TH post tomorrow. It’s going to be smashing.


4 comments on “Minecraft 1.4.2…The Pretty Scary Update! (299/365)

  1. You left out too much. flowerpots, item frames, carrots, potatoes, butter carrots, carrot on a stick, pumpkin pie, and alot of other stuff, including the beacon. other than that, not bad. ;D

  2. beacons! what the, i know they light up, but your supposed to put some type of stone in there and it does nothing. WHAT IS IT FOR!!!???

    • Here is what you do. you make a pyramid of iron, gold, diamond, or emerald blocks which can be 1-4 levels high. Then you put the beacon block on the top of the pyramid. Right click the beacon to open the menu and select which power ups you want (more are available depending on how high the pyramid is). Then you place a single iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond, or emerald into the beacon block to activate it. As long as you are in a certain radius of the beacon, you will continue to get the selected power up. Hope that helps.

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