Jonah’s Survival Island- Day 8 (301/365)

Hello everyone! Before I say anything else, thank you. We got 1,162 views yesterday. That is just inexplicably awesome.

Now, today I played on my Survival Island world…now with 1.4.2. I haven’t wasted any time getting the house pimped out with some 1.4 stuff.

My house now has item frames, flower pots, and some mob skulls. Now, you can’t get mob skulls in Survival, so I’ve just been giving myself a skull whenever a kill that kind of mob. Needless to say, most of the skulls I have so far are those of Skeletons. 🙂

I have also started to work on other stuff too, here is what I accomplished today.

Building item frames.

Building flower pots.

I was over on the tree island today and I thought that my island looked really cool all lit up from afar.

I didn’t waste any time in starting my hunt for mobs. The hunters have become the hunted.

I even encountered my first armored mob too. He was only wearing leather armor, but still.

There is one of my flower pots. I thought the sapling would make a nice shrub in the kitchen.

I decorated the outside of my house a bit more.

I temporarily moved my chests to my bedroom to make room for another project.

A fireplace! Unfortunately I can’t use it because my house is insistent on starting on fire every time I try (stupid fire bug)! But, it still looks nice.

I made a small dock also. I don’t know if I like the design yet. I feel like it could be better.

Now, last time I asked what project I should work on next. I got two answers:

1) Connect the islands via a series of bridges.
2) Bring animals to the island.

This is where I am going to build my bridge the the tree island. I will build another bridge to the mainland as well and I will get some animals there.

Here is “The Wall.” When I remodeled my house, I thought about placing a bunch of windows on this wall. But then I thought of another idea. I decided to wait until 1.4 came out, and then I was going to dedicate this wall to item frames and mob skulls. My dream for this wall has finally come true.

That’s about all I did today. I still have more to do. I want to get more item frames and more flower pots and I want to find some carrots and potatoes. Finding the carrots and potatoes is going to be quite difficult, since I have to find a village first (or be lucky enough to get a zombie to drop some).

Here is my island as it appears today.

Also, Tyler may be joining me on this world next time.

Thanks for reading everyone, and be sure to check back in tomorrow for some Minecraft news.

Happy Mining!


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