Minecraft/Mojang/Blog News 10/22-10/28 (302/365)

Hello everyone! It was a big week for Minecraft and Mojang. Minecraft 1.4 was released, a new Mojang started a bug tracking website, a new app was released which allows you to create and upload skins, and finally, there’s a new skin pack on Xbox 360 which is for a good cause. Let’s begin.


I would suspect that everyone has heard that 1.4 came out this past Thursday. Pretty cool update, not as good as 1.3 in my opinion, but still good.

If you want to read about most of the big updates in detail you can read this post.

Or if you want to read about our opinion/review of the update you can read this post.





This is something that I’m really excited about. All of us who play Minecraft, every single one of us, have a place to report any bugs related to Minecraft so that Mojang can fix them! This is total awesomeness. Before Mojang released this website, it was pretty difficult to find a place to report bugs that Mojang would actually see. Most of the times, they would only fix the ones that were very, very common and talked about a lot on Minecraft Forums. No longer.

You can report bugs right here!


I can say that I am proud of Mojang for doing this. This is a step in the right path( Unlike Witches*cough*). Kudos to Mojang for creating this.


Minecraft now has a third official app on all iOS devices. Now we have an app which will allow you the ability to create your very own Minecraft skin and then upload it straight to your minecraft.net account. You can also rate other skins on the app. I think this is a rather nifty idea and I might just take a look at it, even though I probably won’t change my skin…

Because I’m Batman.






Here is the final bit of news before we talk a bit about the blog. One of the main complaints people seem to have about the Xbox edition is that you can’t use custom skins. Understandable, but that is why they seem to release so many skin packs, to offer a little variety. This latest skin pack is special though.

First of all, it is a Halloween themed skin pack with about 55 different skins.

Secondly, all of the proceeds of this pack will go to various charities which 4J Studios, Microsoft, and Mojang have decided on.

Which charities you may be asking? 4 different charities!

Mojang decided to go with the Block by Block project which we heard about a while ago. See this post from Mojang to read more about it.

The other charities include:

  • “SANDS Lothians”
  • “Child’s Play”
  • “Macmillan Cancer Support”

To read more about those charities click here.


I would just like to say that I think this week was perhaps our best week ever on the blog. I’m not just saying that because we’ve gotten more views than ever this week, or that we had our 300th post this week. I believe that because the posts from this week are among some of my favorites and I just believe that they were very well done.

I enjoyed the Tekkit post on Wednesday, just because I love Tekkit and because it opens the door to a bigger series now.

I thought the execution of our 1.4 post on Thursday was great. I didn’t want to go over all of the additions again because I had done that two weeks ago. So, I wanted to do something different, and it worked.

Finally, the 300th post on Friday just turned out wonderful. Tyler and I were talking about ideas for the 300th post for a couple weeks, and on Monday, I think, Tyler came up with the idea of doing a mock interview sort of thing. I fell in love with the idea, but the post turned out better than I imagined.

And, if you read the post (which I really hope you did), you may have noticed that there were a lot of Batman references and jokes. Well, to be honest, that is really how our conversations go down. I typically say “I’m Batman” at least 2-3 times during a conversation. I do have a moderate obsession with Batman…and it kind of irks Tyler so it’s funny.

So, as we mentioned earlier, we got 1,162 views on Friday. That is by far the most views we’ve ever had. And that was our latest goal, to get 1,000 views in one day.

It seems that we accomplish our goals very quickly after we set them. So, now I am going to set a seemingly difficult goal.

Again, I won’t say what it is. But if we make it, then it is going to be really awesome.

One more thing and then I’ll stop. We have a little more than 2 months left! Hard to believe, but it’s true. We’ve survived 2 months of the blog and college at the same time. It hasn’t been as bad as I thought, but that’s mainly because I decided not to get an on-campus job this year. So, here’s to an awesome final 2 months of our 365 project!

Thank you for reading…no really, thank you, and Happy Mining!


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