LOST Adventure Map: The One Annoying Thing… (303/365)

Hello everyone! I’m sorry that there is no official update for the series today. I have been working on reading different books most of the day and I don’t have enough time to do a full post.

But, I do want to show you guys the one thing about this map that kinda annoys me. It doesn’t really anger me but it is just something that I could live without. I mean…

Do you guys ever remember it snowing on LOST?

Brrrr…it’s sooooooo c-c-cold on this tropical island in the middle of the Pacific.

Part of the island, in this case the beach, is part of the Taiga biome, so it occasionally snows. Usually I can turn it off right away with TMI, but I haven’t downloaded the 1.4 version yet…and cheats are not enabled on this world. Which means two things:

  1. I can’t change it to day or turn the snow off
  2. Because there is snow everywhere and it looks stupid in a LOST map, now I have to re-download the map.

Well, it’s either that or destroy all the snow by hand. Which one sounds easier?


That is all. There will be a new update next Monday.

And tomorrow we will have a new tip. Until then, thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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