Minecraft Tip #34 (304/365)

Hello one and all! Here is a quick tip for you on this Tuesday evening.

Ever since the official release of Minecraft, we have come to know that if you want to make an almost endless supply of pigs, you will need a wheat farm. You needed wheat to breed almost every animal, until a few days ago.

The breeding mechanics changed slightly in this last update. Here is how you breed different animals, as of 1.4.2:

Chickens           —> Wheat seeds or Nether Wart
Pigs                  —> Carrots
Cows                 —> Wheat
Mooshrooms      —> Wheat
Sheep                —> Wheat
Ocelots/Cats      —> Raw fish
Wolves/Dogs      —> Meat

The first two on the list, Chickens and Pigs, are the two that were changed between 1.3 and 1.4.

I actually had no idea that you could breed Chickens with Nether Wart, I thought it was only with Wheat seeds. But, I guess you learn something every day.

Breeding is simple. Just walk up to a couple of pigs, chickens or whatever, have the breeding item in hand, right-click the animals, and watch them make a baby. Which, when you say it that way, sounds kind of creepy.

Step 1: Acquire animals

Step 2: Right-click animals with item

Step 3: Observe the reproductive process (sounds even creepier)

Step 4: Admire the cuteness of the new animal…for now. *evil laugh*

Also included in 1.4, you get a little bit of experience from breeding animals. And, one last note, animals need a 5 minute “cool down” time before you can breed them again.

That’s it for today’s post. Thanks for reading, and Happy Mining!


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