Trick or Treat! (305/365)

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween from The Block Brothers! To be honest, this is one of our favorite holidays of the year. Excluding Christmas probably. Today we will show some trick or treating adventures in Minecraft…and real-life. Let’s get started.

Some people think that Halloween is over-commercialized, but who cares? True we may spend a lot on candy and costumes, but who doesn’t enjoy Halloween? You have the costumes……

I am the Grim-Creeper!

And Jonah of course is Batman, or in this case he is the Skeletal Batman.

Kinda scary

The dark neighborhood in which you will go trick or treating!

And Zombies…. Wait? Zombies?

Zombies! Oh no! What do we do?

There’s only one thing to do. Sterilize the town….

Tnt, Minecraft’s most awesome sterilization tool.

Besides the sterilization, you have bats….

And besides the occasional cheap neighbor who refuses to give candy, you can have a wonderful time!

“What do you mean you don’t have candy?”

Note: The Block Brothers does not endorse egging houses or eliminating entire villages. We do endorse playing Minecraft and having a wonderful Halloween!

There was our adventures in Minecraft. But here are a couple kids who decided to dress up as Steve and a Creeper for Halloween.

One of my teachers from high school, Mr. McCallum, the teacher who helped me find my love of blogging, has two sons who wanted to dress up as Minecraft characters for Halloween this year.

And I think that these costumes look pretty awesome. I’m kind of jealous actually. If I didn’t have homework to do and if I was younger (most people seem to think college students are a bit too old to trick or treat, who knows why), then I totally would have dressed up as a character from Minecraft…or Batman.

Probably wouldn’t have been as awesome as these costumes though. I mean, they even made swords for themselves! Awesome.

Click here to see more pictures and the full story of their adventure.

Thanks for reading, Happy Halloween, and Happy Mining!



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