Tekkit Thursday, a quick update! (306/365)

So, this week my goal was to make a high-voltage solar array in tekkit, but little did I know how many materials it costs. I did some math, and with the help of a Tekkit wiki, I figured out the costs of this solar panel:

6810 Rubber

5193 Iron(This is about 81 stacks of iron ingots)

2048 Tin

4096 cobble( 64 stacks)

1536 glass(24 stacks)

1536 coal

3597 copper

256 wooden planks(4 stacks)

3082 redstone (56 stacks + some)

5 golden ingots and a diamond

To put it into a picture, it looks like this:

Yeah.. it’s a lot of crap. Thankfully it will provide me with some more power for my machines. I also realize that I haven’t talked much about power or Equivalent exchange at all, so I will be talking more about it next week.



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